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Title: Up We Go
Author(s): Oh_Hey_Tae
Date(s): October 2017 - May 2018
Length: 100k words; 12 chapters
Genre: Fantasy AU, Modern AU, slash
Fandom: BTS
External Links: ao3 link

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Up We Go is a BTS fanfic by Oh_Hey_Tae. It is a Fantasy AU and Modern AU. The main pairing is Kim Taehyung/Min Yoongi/Park Jimin.

On the Archive of Our Own, it is the thirty ninth most popular BTS fanwork by hit count. As of February 2021, the work has over 260,000 hits, 11,000 kudos, 3,900 comments, and 5,600 bookmarks.


Summary: “If you’re a witch that works with plants, then why are all of yours dead? That can’t be good for business.”

The room dims again, and Jimin lifts a hand to flip off the ceiling. Taehyung knows he’s sad and that’s why the shop darkens and he shouldn’t find it funny—but he can’t help it. Because this is ridiculous. The good kind of ridiculous. The amazing kind.

(Or: Taehyung has a green thumb, Jimin runs a magical store, and Yoongi can kind of see dead people.)