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Name: Kim Nam-joon (Korean: 김남준)
Also Known As: Rap Monster, RapMon, RM
Occupation: rapper
Works: BTS
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Kim Namjoon, known professionally as Rap Monster or RM, is a rapper in the K-Pop group BTS, as well as the group's official leader. He is also known for his role in producing and writing lyrics for BTS songs.

He was born Kim Nam-joon on September 12, 1994 in Ilsan, South Korea.


Rap Monster is extremely intelligent, if a little caught up in his own head at times. He is fluent in English, and boasts an impressive academic record and and even more impressive IQ. Despite his scholastic accomplishes, he is also extremely clumsy (which means that his dancing is also clumsy by default), and is prone to breaking things- particularly other people's belongings. Rap Monster is teased by the rest of the group for being most likely to misplace his own belongings (and once he actually did lose his passport while abroad filming BTS Bon Voyage Season 1), and is also extremely accident prone (as proven by his long list of previous accidents and injuries).

Rap Monster is seen as the unofficial father of the group. He looks out for and advises the younger members, as well as provides support to the older members.


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