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Name: Jung Ho-seok (Korean: 정호석)
Also Known As: J-Hope
Occupation: rapper
Works: BTS
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Jung Hoseok , known professionally as J-Hope, is a rapper in the K-Pop group BTS, , as well as the member in charge of the dance-line.

He was born Jung Ho-seok (Korean: 정호석) on February 18, 1994 in Gwangju, South Korea.


J-Hope is a rapper in the group, as well as the member in charge of the dance-line.

He is a very accomplished dancer, and once was even a member of an underground dance crew, but he is also loved by ARMY for his sunny personality. J-Hope is smiley but sensitive, and the rest of the members often refer to him as the mood-maker of the group. He also has a unique position of being close with both the maknae-line and the hyung-line, since he can be both playful and calm.


  • Yoonseok: J-Hope is notably close with fellow rapper Suga, and they have created a half-joking duo of 'Sope-me', where the pair display their lackluster but lovable singing abilities together
  • VHope: J-Hope and V

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