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Pairing: Sugakookie
Alternative name(s): Min Yoongi/Jeon Jungkook, Yoonkook
Gender category: Slash
Fandom: BTS
Archives: Sugakookie Tag at AO3
Other: Yoonmin, VKook, Namjin, Jikook, Yoonseok, Vmin, Taegi, Yoonjin, VHope, Vkookmin, OT7
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Suga/Jungkook, also known as Sugakookie, or Yoonkook, is the pairing of Suga (Min Yoongi) and Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook) of the K-Pop group BTS.

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Fanwork Examples

  • Mark Up My Soul- Jeon Jungkook’s soul mark is a music staff tattooed on his forearm. Every now and then a flare of pain will burn its way up his arm and another note is added. The strangest thing about the newest mark is that it isn’t a note and it isn’t black. It’s just a smudge. Of color. Mint green in the center, fading to deep blue around the edges. Jungkook loves it. He wonders who it represents. He hopes that he meets them soon. Someone so different than all the other notes on his arm must be important. Min Yoongi’s soul mark tattoo is a smudge of dark ink with faded thin lines of white scratched into it. If he squints, the scars sort of look like a music staff. When a new burst of pain manifests as a mint green music note in the darkest spot of black, Yoongi curses fate and his inability to stay away from all things cute. Because soul marks lie, and fate is a cruel bitch from hell. (ddelusionall)
  • The Human Condition- How two tortured souls come to terms with their fates, learn to love themselves and eventually find love in each other. Or an aspiring producer, Yoongi, who works various odd jobs to get by and a troubled premed college student, Jungkook, meet and find comfort in being together, even though they've been content alone all their lives. (blackksakura)
  • Law and Disorder- "You can hate me all you want, a lot of people do, believe it or not. But leave Yoongi alone, he," his words fall short, and his overall expression softens into something unnameable, "He's done a lot for me. More than any person has ever done for me." (Or: Yoongi's an attorney, Jeongguk's a petty thief, and the two meet under questionable circumstances). (strangedesires)
  • Cool Hot Sweet Love- This isn't some cheesy romance movie. This isn't some Nicholas Sparks book where the boy and girl fall in love, break up over something ridiculous, and then realize the error of their ways. Even if it was, there was no way in hell that Min Yoongi would ever admit it. He hated clichés when it came to dating. The stupid fights over miscommunication, the jerk slowly becoming the perfect boyfriend - he hated it all. Sure, he was all for the cute stuff (if it is ever brought up, he will deny it with his last breath), but he wished he could go without the drama. Life is simple when there isn't someone to worry about loving you. (backwardbesties95)
  • Capturing Passion- Min Yoongi was a simple guy living the simple lifestyle in university with his relatively normal friends. However, his simple lifestyle wasn't enough to pull him out of his artistic slump, which was dragging him down a dark and lonely path. Of course, this is all until one drunken evening and he comes across a beaten kid, and decides to take him in for the evening. In his drunken state he didn’t notice the pair of tall, soft black ears that came from the top of the kid’s head, and he certainly wasn’t sure what to do when he woke up next to them the next morning. (cookiecrumbles)
  • Flower Petals- Apparently, carnations were Jungkook’s favorite flower. He considered the possibility that this was some sort of mistake in the grand design. Yoongi wasn’t some naive romanticist, and he certainly wasn’t wide-eyed enough to fall into something as pathetic and pitiful and deplorable as a one-sided infatuation. So really, there was no way that Yoongi actually fell in love with the guy. Ridiculous. So what if his singing sounded like angels weeping? Impossible. He glared down into the water, resentment and denial leaving a bitter aftertaste in his mouth. Pink, he noted dryly. I’m being killed by a flower that’s fucking baby pink. How fitting. (Victorywings)
  • don't play no game that I can't win by misspamela

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