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Name: angstgoddess003
Alias(es): AngstyG, AG
Type: fan writer, fan artist
Fandoms: Twilight
URL: Livejournal,
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angstgoddess003 is a BNF who wrote fanfic, created fanart in the form of photomanipulated banners and blog layouts, co-ran contests, and blogged within the Twilight fandom from 2008 to 2012.


Wide Awake

The story angstgoddess003 is most well known for is Wide Awake, an AH epic many fans credit as their introduction to Twilight fandom:

...years ago when I was semi-relevant to Twilight fandom, I wrote Wide Awake (A ridiculous AU where I use unicorns as a euphemism for orgasms).[1]

Contest Entries

She often entered fic into anonymous one shot contests, sometimes co-writing with PastichePen. These fics tended to place well, if they did not win outright (from memory - have to find refs, if they still exist).

Fandom Involvement

Slash/Backslash Contest

Along with PastichePen, angstgoddess003 co-founded and co-hosted the first two rounds of the Slash/Backslash[2] Contest.

The Lazy, Yet Discerning Ficster

angstgoddess003 co-founded the Twific blog The Lazy, Yet Discerning Ficster in late 2008:
Many of us authors in this fandom adore the Free High Quality work provided for us. We appreciate the time and effort it takes for each author to post the crack we live off of. With this fandom virtually exploding with genres and subgenres, we felt it was time to love on the underdog. You know who they are. The writer who gets no recs, no accolades and no love. That is the one of the purposes steer you lazy, but discerning ficsters to the hidden treasures. To give you countless hours of escapism, humor, angst and everything in between! We will be doing this by in-depth highlighting, assessment and recommendations on why you should give something a shot. It's like the book club reviewers guide to fic! We will also be including some of your favorite fic authors in our posts...they will give you THEIR hidden treasures and why you should be in the know.[3]

The Lazy, Yet Discerning Ficster opened its doors on 15 Dec 2008, and the final post recorded is 1 Sept 2010. As of 24 April 2013 it remains online, however there are many broken widgets and image links.

Blaze of Glory

(SQIDwank, etc.)


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