Marriage of Convenience (Vampire Diaries fic)

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Title: Marriage of Convenience
Author(s): Chel 90210
Date(s): Published: Jun 25, 2013
Completed:Aug 4, 2014
Length: 70,706 words
Genre: het
Fandom: TVD
External Links: fic page at FFN
fic page at Wattpad
cover art by swinty81

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Marriage of Convenience is a Klaroline fic by Chel 90210 set in an All Human AU with marriage of convenience trope playing a very important part.

As of December 11, 2016 the fic has 1,746 reviews, 1,037 favs and 1,363 follows on FFN


Klaus is the CEO of Mikaelson Enterprises. Klaus's visa is about to expire unless he can find a way around it. That's where his assistant Caroline comes in. Desperate to stay in the states, he offers her 10 million dollars to marry him for a year. Will Caroline willingly marry a man she hates? Or will Klaus force her into a marriage of convenience?


I like the way that the story structure and plot flows freely. The plot doesn’t shift too fast or carry on for chapters with no direction. Each update brings a new useful addition to the buildup which moves the story forward cautiously. I believe that readers will enjoy how much progress is accomplished between our two leads in the number of chapters already written and posted. Although Klaus and Caroline aren’t together yet, it would be too soon but the readers aren’t left unsatisfied. There are plenty of random scenes that only fuel that tension, making both characters want the other more. There are more actions than words, a refreshing approach to a Fanfiction story involving Klaus and Caroline.

There is one big issue that I have throughout the story which may not even be obvious to them but I have seen a few other readers protest about this small detail. The way Klaus treats Caroline isn’t always appealing to me. He treats her as if he is above her and doesn’t need to be nice to her. This may be a minor detail but every time this happens I cringe a bit at the dialogue. There is one moments that stays clear in my mind; Caroline got dressed for a rehearsal dinner, wearing a dress he picked out herself. Klaus comments on her ”decent outfit” then directs her to sit and wait until he is ready. This wasn’t the first time Klaus’ characterization got to me in a negative manner.
And then there is my slight issue with Caroline’s characters; Caroline is a fighter, a strong woman who doesn’t let some male character get to her but in this story she is portrayed as more of a weak, submissive female who may throw back some comments if pushed too far, but thats the extent of it. But usually she stays quiet or expresses her thoughts in her mind and not always directly to the source of the uneasiness. She lets him treat her as a possession which shocked me further and further. I doubt the author meant to have the characters come off exactly in this manner but it only worsened even after a few reviewers pointed it out to them.

All in all I recommend this story if you are into stories that contain human!Klaroline with the promise of smut and thick sexual tension. The combined forces of stubborn Klaus and stubborn Caroline, what you have ready for you to enjoy is a story that leaves you craving the back and forth banter between the leads. The dynamic scenes only brought more enjoyment and excitement. This must read should be bookmarked on your phones, computers, laptops and any other mobile device. Follow this story now and enjoy the wild Klaroline ride.[1]
But one thing that is bothering me a lot, I'm finding Caroline very passive, accepting everything without contesting anything ... This marriage will affect her life for a whole year and it is as if she were dead to what is about to to happen[2]
Sorry for my very late review but I had to leave one because this was one of my FAVORITE fics. It's quite sad knowing their won't be any updates to be expected. But I'm really glad on how everything turned out at the end and at the very end of the epilogue. It was very cute and I'm glad to see how happy everyone is.[3]
WHAAAAATT? noup, you can't end this is one of the best stories I have ever read! Pleaseeeee. But well. I am following this story since the third chapter and it totally caught me. Excellent, exquisite, and all the adjetives that you want![4]


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