Bent Justice

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Title: Bent Justice
Author(s): toobusy2write
Date(s): 12 January 2005 - 30 May 2005
Length: 56 chapters + epilogue
Genre: slash
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
External Links: Story hosted on Livejournal

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Bent Justice is an epic Prison AU story where Spike is an undercover cop sent to investigate a smuggling ring inside a prison.

The story features Angel/Spike as the main pairing with a number of other slash pairing.

Recs and Reviews

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I don't normally go for prison stories because, frankly, prisons really scary me, but Spike is my favourite Buffy character and human!AUs of the Buffy/Angel 'verse simply rock.

There's so much sexual energy between Spike and Angel from the start that you'll probably want to strangle them (from frustration, naturally) or cuddle them (because, yeah, some guys are *dense* and just need to be loved) or perhaps both by the time they actually come around to having sex. Of course, the constant UST-induced bantering between the two doesn't help.

That being said, there's nothing fluffy about Bent Justice. Dude, the story happens prison. There are mentions of rape and extreme violence, but I suppose that's expected of prisons. Not too many people actually get hurt in the story, but do read the warnings before each chapter to make sure there's nothing you can't stomach.

The set-up of the story is fairly straightforward, yet the author does a fabulous job creating a supporting cast with complex but well-developed back-stories, personalities, emotions, and individual motives. Prison does funny things to one's psyche, but it also usually takes an unbalanced psyche for one to land in a maximum security prison. Welcome to Belle Glade Federal Correctional Complex -- the inmates are wonderfully interesting and also very, very dangerous.

A must read if you are a fan of the Buffy/Angel 'verse or have a fondness for prison fics. This is also one of the best undercover stories (including published novels) I've read. Highly recommended.[1]

I was skeptical at first about reading a prison!fic too, but the trillions of comments on and constant lj pimping of each entry of Bent Justice are hype that should DEFINITELY be believed.[2]
Not sure I really need to rec toobusy2write’s Bent Justice, but maybe some folks have missed it…but I don’t know how, lol. Spike is deep undercover for the DEA in a maximum security prison. Angel is the block’s heavy. Hot dangerous prison sex ensues…but there’s so much more to this fic than that. amazing plot and huge cast of characters. This fic is in the neighborhood of 400 pages and nearly drove me blind, I read it so quickly.[3]


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