Caroline Forbes

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Name: Caroline Forbes
Occupation: student
Relationships: Liz Forbes (mother), Bill Forbes (father)
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries (TV)
Other: Played by Candice Accola
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Caroline Forbes is a series regular and a popular character on The Vampire Diaries. She was introduced in the pilot of the series, but due to the plot development and the direction the writers took, she was often kept in the dark regarding the plot and the existence of the supernatural world. She was portrayed as insecure, controlling and desperate for attention and affection.

Her popularity in fandom skyrocketed when she was turned into a vampire at the beginning of season 2 (Katherine turned her into a vampire to send a message to the Salvatore brothers and to create a vampire needed for the Sun and Moon ritual). Her season two storyline with Tyler Lockwood (Tyler's change into a werewolf and his struggles for control) was widely considered and one of the show's most compelling plotlines, quickly landing Caroline as one of fan-favorites.

In seasons 3 and 4 she often served as a Blonde Distraction, when the show's then-villain Klaus developed as obsession with her.


Caroline's popularity exploded in season two, after she was turned into a vampire.


The most popular Caroline pairings are hetships Klaus/Caroline and Caroline/Stefan.

In season 2 and 3 one of the most popular ships was Caroline/Tyler, due to a significant plot involving Caroline and Tyler Lockwood. The pairing eventually became canon.

Another het pairing that gained some fan attention is Caroline/Enzo.

Despite the fact that in canon, she dated Matt Donovan, there is little to no fandom interest in that pairing. Caroline/Damon on the other hand is portrayed in fanworks almost always as abusive and/or toxic and if included; it is always a past relationship that Caroline overcomes.

There is a lack of Caroline femslash pairings, despite a strong friendship she shares with both Elena Gilbert and Bonnie Bennett.

Common Fanon and Tropes in Fanworks

Riffing off of canon material, fanfic authors often show Caroline traveling (in canon, she has never left the town of Mystic Falls, until she went to college), often with a character writers ship her with. Most common destinations include Europe (especially Rome and Paris). It's a very popular trope in Klaroline fanfics, as Klaus promised to show her the world in one of their scenes, mentioning Paris, Rome and Tokyo specifically. As a variation of this, Caroline often travels to New Orleans to join Klaus.

In All Human AUs and futurefics Caroline is sometimes portrayed as an event planner, due to her organizational skills as showed in the series.

In some AU fics that play on the Role Reversal trope, Caroline is portrayed as an Original Vampire either instead of Klaus or along side him, especially in Time Travel fics that are very popular in Klaroline fandom.

A lot of fans also try to address the complex and (for the most part) canonically ignored relationship Caroline had with Damon Salvatore, where he compelled her to make her his "own personal blood bag" in season 1. Some ignore it and make Damon and Caroline friends, but some fans (particularly in All Human AUs) translate the compulsion into a toxic relationship, sometimes involving rape.

There are some works that thrive to give Caroline special abilities, making her more of a Mary Sue, but they are not common.

In some AU fanfics (especially All Human AUs) Caroline is Damon and Stefan's sister with writers referring to her as Caroline Salvatore.


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