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Name: Matt Donovan
Occupation: bartender/busboy
Location: Mystic Falls
Status: human/alive
Relationships: Vicki Donovan (sister)
Fandom: TVD
Other: Played by Zach Roerig
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Matt Donovan is a regular character on The Vampire Diaries



Over the years a lot of fans express their surprise that Matt has survived as long as he did[1].

Some fans disapprove of the way Matt treated Caroline Forbes in season one and continued to treat women over the course of the seasons.

"He sees all women in terms of their relative success or failure in measuring up to one singular mode of perfection (as defined by him, and as embodied by the One Girl who is The Best in his eyes.)"[2]

Some fans consider him a rather boring character with no good storyline of his own (some even joked that he was most interesting when he wasn't himself - when he was possessed by a Traveller)


Common Pairings

In comparison to other OTPs within the fandom, Matt pairings don't have a big following. However within that group most popular het ships are Matt/Rebekah, Matt/Caroline and Matt/Elena (all canon ships). In slash, Matt is shipped with both Jeremy and Tyler (sometimes as a threesome).

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