Tyler Lockwood

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Name: Tyler Lockwood
Relationships: Carol Lockwood (mother), Mason Lockwood (uncle)
Fandom: TVD/The Originals
Other: Played by Michael Trevino
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Tyler Lockwood is a major character on The Vampire Diaries, who crossovered to The Originals in the first season of the spin-off.

In season 1 of TVD, Tyler was a human boy, who dated Vicki Donovan and had an antagonistic relationship with Jeremy Gilbert. In season two, he accidentally killed a classmate and activated his dormant werewolf gene. With the help from Caroline Forbes he was trying to gain control of his new powers. In season three, he was truned into a first successful hybrid by Klaus Mikaelson, which also resulted in developing a Sire Bond between the two.


Tyler's popularity with fandom grew expodentially in season two when he was struggling with being a werewolf. Fans quickly started to ship him with Caroline, which also added to his popularity.

Common Pairings

In het department, Tyler is most commonly shipped with Caroline, Hayley and Liv. Some fans also ship him with Bonnie or Elena.

Tyler's most popular slash pairing is with Jeremy (especially at the beginning of the show. 2011 saw a lot of long epic fics with this pairing), but there are also fans who ship him with Klaus, or Matt.

Popular gen relationships include Tyler & Caroline and Tyler & Jeremy & Matt

Fanon and Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Klaus!vendetta - Tyler's canon obsession with killing or stopping Klaus is often used in fanworks. He is sometimes used as the antagonist in fics that focus on Klaus (and/or Klaus/Caroline). He often teams up with OCs who have a plan how to stop Klaus. He is also portrayed as teaming up with Jeremy and/or other werewolves
  • Werewolf Pack - werewolves in general usually play an important role when it comes to Tyler in fanworks (for obvious reasons). More specifically, Tyler often finds or creates a pack for himself, where he is either the Alpha or high enough on the totem pole to be comfortable.


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