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Compulsion is a type of Mind Control specific to the Vampire Diaries/The Originals fandom. It's a skill possessed by vampires on the show; they are able to influence humans (make suggestions, order them around, wipe out and/or alter their memories). The members of The Original Family are able to compel other vampires.

Members of the supernatural community (werewolves and witches) can be harder to compell by regular vampires. The only fool-proof way to prevent compulsion is to ingest or wear something with vervain.

While it's used on the show without much thought or reprecussions, many fans expressed unease at the dub-con nature of this ability (and the fact that the "good" characters don't appear to think it's wrong to use that ability). Fanfic writers in general don't use compulsion in any significant way, though those writing Caroline ships tend to address her season 1 relationship with Damon Salvatore (that was based on compulsion).

Fanworks Examples

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  • Timeless by Hybridlovelies, a time travel fic where compulsion is used to prevent a paradox and keep Caroline from remembering events that might impact her timeline.