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Tropes and genres
Synonym(s)obedience curse, brainwashing
Related tropes/genresslavefic
See alsodub-con, AMTDI, mindfuck
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Mind control is a very popular trope in fanworks (and many canons).

In slash or ship fic that uses the trope, one part of the pairing is usually under the mental control of the other -- or is unable to resist orders from anyone, such as in Ella Enchanted AUs or fusions or "obedience curse" fics -- and the other part of the pairing figures this out and either helps the mindcontrolled character resist the urge to obey or takes advantage of them.

Gen fic using mind control scenarios also exists but is less likely to end up with characters either giving in to or bravely resisting mindcontrolled dub-connish sexual advances.

Mind Control in Canon

Example Fanworks


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