Your Every Wish

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Title: Your Every Wish
Author(s): Maya
Date(s): 23 July 2003
Length: ~16,000 words
Genre: slash, darkfic/angst
Fandom: Harry Potter
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Your Every Wish is a Harry Potter darkfic by Maya. It is usually labeled Harry/Draco, although the relationship is one-sided and non-consensual, and is sometimes considered a H/D fandom "classic".[1]

The story has been praised for its depiction of mind control and the consent issues that go along with it. It has been described as "deeply horrifying", "brutal and heart-wrenching", and "deliciously dark and twisted".[2][3][4]

Author's summary: "Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

This story, along with Maya's other fics, was taken offline in November 2008 when Maya went pro. Though Maya has requested that fans not share her work with others, copies of the story can still be found uploaded online or exchanged via email, either on its own or as part of The Complete Works of Maya.

Recs & Reviews

Your Every Wish has 14 pages of reviews at FictionAlley.[5] Other recs include:

  • "If you thought, upon reading the title, that you were in for a nice bit of H/D fluff--my God, you were wrong. This fic is claustrophobic in its paranoia, in its quiet horror, and is possibly one of the most brilliant mindfucks ever written. Power corrupts--and Harry, who has a surplus of it, is corrupted absolutely. I could barely stand to read this story, it was so merciless, so cruel, so flawless--but if you're ready to have your stomach curdled, your heart torn, this is the tale to read. Harry Potter defeats Voldemort, but he cannot, ever, defeat himself..." -- switchknife[6]
  • "This one of those fics that make you think and think after you finish reading them, trying to find a way to change and cancel what happens in them. The story won’t make you cry, but it’s so heart-wrenchingly sad, and wrong, and rich with nuances, and wonderfully written! Draco happens to get in the way of Harry’s curse (of the kind of multi-person Imperius), and now he obeys Harry’s every wish, literally. It’s like a vortex that sucks them in, and it’s tragic in the best way." -- painless_j[7]
  • "Harry fucks Draco over, in a way that’s utterly painful and completely in character. It’s one of the most beautiful, heart-wrenchingly painful pieces I have ever read. One of the best pieces of fiction floating out there. This is the kind of story that sticks with you." -- cloverbug
  • "Oh, God, I don't even know where to begin with this one. It's Maya, so you already know it's going to be one of the greatest fics out there. The core idea of this fic is so genius; however, it's also so angsty that I can't re-read it for fear of having my heart shatter AGAIN. If I was giving out angst awards, this one would get the gold. But still: the sheer genius lies in the questions this fic presents about power, free will, and what exactly a young boy deserves for saving the world." -- starvinbohemian
  • "When I read this, I was completely entranced. Harry wanted Draco, but not like this. It makes you think about what you would do if someone did what you wanted all the time. It's beautiful in the was a dead bird is beautiful, you know? (I'm starkly reminding myself of American Beauty.) This is one of my favourites of all time. It's so totally lovely in a dark, sad way." -- Draco Malfoy-Potter
  • "I've read many, many, many mind-control stories, in various media and fandoms. This one, though... Maya gets it, in a terrifying and unrelentingly dark way. For a little while, she managed to make me forget about my immense loathing of Harry Potter, and that's no small feat." -- Diana Kingston-Gabai
  • "This is a story about the corruption of Harry Potter... not in the way you would expect. It is beautifully written and horrifyingly painful. I don't want to say too much, for fear of giving everything away, but this story has been haunting me since the first time I read it." -- dorrie6
  • "Oh, this one just chills me. If you had power over one person--especially if that was the person you wanted--could you resist abusing that power? Could you? Maya doesn't just touch on the idea, she follows it and follows it and makes you watch even when you want nothing so much as to be spared. Wonderfully written." -- amanuensis
  • "My very favorite HP fic ever. Harry's so hopelessly addicted and oh my God, Draco, it hurts to think about him, and everything's so screwed up and no one's admitting it. And Harry wants to do the right thing but he can't and he admits it to himself and it hurts." -- Ouvalyrin
  • "Why I've chosen to rec this fic: Lest you think all I read is total fluff (which is mostly true). I am reccing the fic that has most stayed with me and made me think over and over about Harry and how much power he contains and what he MIGHT do with it.
    "Why everybody should read this fic: I almost didn’t want to re read this to rec it because to me, it is so real. It seems so plausible. It is deeply terrifying to think of someone having that much control over a person and what that kind of power could do to you or make you do. Even though Harry hates what he is doing, he can’t seem to stop. I really feel the struggle and I think that is why it sticks with me so much." -- damn_imasquib[8]

Fanworks Inspired by Your Every Wish

One example of fanart inspired by the story is Rubbed out... by Alonoma (shown to the right), a black-and-white portrait of Draco under Harry's mind control. Draco is subconsciously aware of being "rubbed out" as he loses his personality and free will; the lack of color in the artwork conveys the feeling of Draco's vitality being gradually leached away. The artist includes the following excerpt of Your Every Wish in the artwork's description:
"What is it?"
Draco's face was too pale to lose more colour, and ashen and streaked with sweat it looked ghastly rather than handsome. Harry held on tight.
"It's - nothing," he said shakily. "I just - I dreamed - it's stupid. I dreamed that I was being rubbed out, and I was screaming but nobody noticed, and I just kept walking around doing ordinary things until I was... gone."
No more friends, no more job he loved, no more singing, no more furniture he had chosen for himself, no more watching television programmes he had actually chosen, no more being bratty, no more drinking out of perfect cups.
"I don't mean to," Harry gasped out against his neck. "Oh God. Draco."
And a subconscious that was screaming though he couldn't know what was wrong.
His wildness was infecting an already upset Draco, who tried to pull away.
"What are you talking about?" he asked irritably. "What do you know-"
"Nothing," Harry said, clamping down on the panic. He kept a tenacious hold on Draco, pain scrabbling insistently in his chest. His hand was closed too hard on Draco's wrist. "I don't want you to be upset. I - you should go back to sleep. No more bad dreams."
Draco immediately slackened in Harry's grasp, eyes closed, face smooth and relaxed. Harry almost screamed.
What was the difference, between this body in his bed and a puppet? Oh, Draco...
Rubbed out... by Alonoma


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