DADT, Damyata, Damyadvam

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Title: DADT, Damyata, Damyadvam
Author(s): trinityofone
Date(s): 27 March 2006
Length: ~8600 words
Genre: slash fanfiction, DADT, McKay/Sheppard
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
External Links: DADT, Damyata, Damyadvam (story)
DADT, Damyata, Damyadvam (podfic),
story illustration,
cover art
cover art by slodwick for DADT, Damyata, Damyadvam

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DADT, Damyata, Damyadvam is a Stargate Atlantis story by Trinityofone.

Summary: He was aware of the controversy surrounding the application of DADT policy to an international expedition—and an international expedition to another galaxy at that—but in the end, it didn't matter. Everyone got the chip, or they didn't go.

The author is known for many things, particularly her skillful use of science fiction tropes. This story imagines a future in which the U.S. military's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy is aided by technology: the implantation of a chip that gives the bearer a severe "DADT shock" if they do or say anything queer. All the Atlantis expedition has been implanted, and the story shows how the characters cope with, and eventually fight and overthrow, this fascistic and homophobic technology.

A podfic of this story was made by jessikast on 19 August 2007. It is available at the Audiofic Archive.

DADT, Damyata, Damyadvam was written for Artword challenge 004A.

Reactions and Reviews

A fascinating political AU set in a universe where the military finds a new way to enforce Don't Ask, Don't Tell. By turns chilling, insightful, and ultimately moving, this is one of my favorite Trin fics.[1]


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