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Title: Pull
Author(s): Cori Lannam
Date(s): 19 September 2009
Length: 15,577 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: Pull (Livejournal
Pull (AO3)

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Pull is a Merlin/Arthur slash story by Cori Lannam (15,577 words). It was posted as part of the 2009 reel_merlin challenge and is an AU fusion with the movie Push.

The story was one of the winners at the Spring 2010 Merlin Slash Awards in the category Best Crossover ("Arthur/Merlin Fanfiction").

Summary: Merlin has spent his life running from the Pendragons, but destiny has other plans.

In this story both Merlin and Arthur have psychic powers and there is a memorable consensual sex scene where the characters use their mental connection to manipulate each other in a non-consensual way. The warnings describe it as "elements of mind control within a consentual sexual encounter".


  • "Okay, that was the most improbably HOT sex scene to have ever been written. Honestly, all the way through, I kept thinking it should be raising consent alarms or should be cheesy or SOMETHING, but instead it was just SMOKING, all the way through!"[1]
  • This was a damned clever story. [...] Your story has the same bleak, techno future grittiness of the first Matrix - a sense of hopelessness in the face of an overwhelming 'big brother' style environment. And in the same vein, I loved how your Merlin started to explore and expand his abilities, and grow in the context of the story. Arthur, too, with his willingness to sacrifice himself for what he cares about and believes is right? Totally IC. And OMG, let's be glad Uther doesn't have this kind of power, yeah? Because I can totally see him like this - not only swallowed by his own issues and self-righteousness, and belief that only his way is right and any means is acceptable to make it happen, but unemotionally ruthless with it into the bargain. Best use of an open ending I've seen in ages, too. Just enough set up for the imagination to go flying ahead to see just what he and Arthur (with some help from some friends) might achieve."[2]
  • "Wow, now that was some hot stuff I wasn't expecting! Yay porn! Mind control in sex: hotter than anything."[3]


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