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Pairing: Caroline Forbes/Lorenzo Enzo St. John
Alternative name(s): Carenzo, Enzoline
Gender category: het
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries (TV)
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: rare
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Caroline/Enzo, commonly called Carenzo, is the pairing of Caroline Forbes and Enzo in the Vampire Diaries fandom.


The pairing first came into existence in season 5, when Enzo was introduced. And while a significant amount of his backstory was connected to Damon, he spent a lot of time in Caroline's company towards the end of the season. On the show, Caroline and Enzo are portrayed as friends (especially in season 6), while sharing banter and working together towards a common goal.


Because of Enzo's behavior at the beginning of season 6, in fanworks, he is often portrayed as supportive and protective of Caroline. Caroline is often annoyed or exasperated by him, but still thinks fondly of him. The vast majority of fanworks uses the Friends to Lovers trope, transitioning their relationship to a sexual one with little to no plot necessary.

Some (a lot?) fans believe that Enzo likes Caroline more than she likes him, interpreting his canon behavior as cting on his romantic/romanticized feelings.

BrOTP & Klaroline

Due to Enzo's similarities to Klaus, a lot of Carenzo fans are also Klaroline fans. Those two pairing, for the most part, appear to coexist. At the same time Carenzo is often referred to as a BrOTP, with many fans not minding if the two characters stay friends. When using the BrOTP trope, fic authors often use Enzo as a key player, crucial in getting Klaroline together.

On the other hand, those shipping Carenzo romantically, often use parallels between Klaroline and Carenzo to show that the show's writers intend for Carenzo to become canon.

Some of the fans sometimes refer to the gen pairing as Frienzoline to emphasise the BrOTP aspect of the ship.

Common Tropes & Themes

  • Road Trip - the fics using this trope are either connected to the trip to Atlanta from the show or have the characters travel to a different location.
  • Petnames - Enzo is often portrayed referring to Caroline with various pet names (those he's been seen using on the show). Petnames used most often: Gorgeous, Blondie, and (to lesser extent) darling.

Notable Fanworks

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  • Gorgeous by LaVeraceVia, She's already shaking her head, sensing where he's headed with this and caught somewhere between amusement and indignation. He leans closer, propping his elbows on his knees, stares her right in the face with those dark, mischievous eyes, and says, “What I'm suggesting is that you let me help. Use me tonight. ”
  • There's a ghost in my lungs (and it sighs in my sleep) by melancholicmermaid, Ghost!Enzo x Caroline. Post 5x20. "He hadn't had a lot of time to learn the tricks of the trade what with the Other Side crumbling apart and causing the traits of phantomhood to shift and change with ruthless haste."
  • A Klarenzo Limerick by jomosfamilyjewels, Caroline is drunk and Enzo is trying to get her back to her room. Carenzo brotp, somehow Caroline drunk dials Klaus.





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