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Name: Prince "Charming" David
David Nolan
Prince James (alias when he was posing as his brother)
Occupation: formerly Sheriff of Storybrooke
formerly Assistant at pet shelter (formerly)
Relationships: son of Ruth; adopted son of King George; twin brother of Prince James;
husband of Snow White; father of Emma Swan and Neal Nolan; father-in-law of Killian Jones; grandfather of Henry Mills and Hope Swan-Jones;
ex-husband of Kathryn Nolan (during the curse)
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Other: Played by the actor Josh Dallas
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David Nolan is the Storybrooke's alias for Prince Charming. He is one of the main characters on Once Upon A Time. The show revolves around his story along with his reunion with his daughter, Emma Swan.



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The most popular romantic pairing for this character is Snowing. The bromance of Charming Hook has become very popular in Season 3 due to Charming's protectiveness of Emma Swan and Hook's feelings for her, and the fact that Hook saved David's life.[1]


See List of OUAT pairing names for a list of Charming's related pairing terminology.
  • Charmers is the name for fans of Charming.

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