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Pairing: Damon/Alaric
Alternative name(s): Dalaric, Team Badass
Gender category: slash
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries (TV)
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: quite popular
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Damon/Alaric is a popular slash pairing in The Vampire Diaries fandom.

Canon Relationship

Alaric Saltzman meets Damon Salvatore for the first time back in his own home in Duke where he has to witness how Damon feeds from his wife Isobel. Isobel Saltzman disappears and Alaric starts to search for the monster which presumably killed her.

His search leads him to Mystic Falls where - after the death of the high school history teacher/football coach - he finds a job as a history teacher.

At the end of episode 1x11 "Bloodlines" they meet for the first time in the bar of Mystic Falls - the GRILL - and Alaric has a hard time trying to calm down when he realizes who is sitting almost right next to him. They meet properly an episode later, when Alaric is one of the overseers at the high school dance and he introduces himself to Damon. Later he sees Damon, Stefan and Elena kill a vampire and is discovered by Damon who tries to compel him. Alaric, who knows about the supernatural, is prepared for a situation like this and has vervain ready.

The tension between the two of them increases even more when Damon finally realizes who Alaric is and in 1x15 "A Few Good Men" teases him about feeding from his wife in front of the whole audience at the bachelor auction.

Carol Lockwood: Do you have any hobbies? Like to travel?
Damon: Oh yeah. LA, New York. Couple of years ago I was in North Carolina. Near the Duke campus actually. I think Alaric went to school there. Didn't you, Ric? Yeah, because I know your wife did. I had a drink with her once. She was, phew. She was a great girl. Did I ever tell you that? Because she was delicious. Mmh!

Alaric decides that the time to act is there and follows Damon back home with a stake. They fight and Damon punctures Alarics lung with the stake. Coughing blood, Alaric dies - only to wake up again after a few hours. A gift from Isobel - a ring - protects him from staying dead if the reason of his death has to do with something supernatural.

Damon: Are you really this stupid? Guess so. You gonna put the stake down? Wow. That's courage.
Alaric: Where's Isobel? What have you done to my wife?
D.: Want me to tell you I killed her? Will that make you happy? Because I think you know what happened.
A.: I saw you feeding on her.
D.: Yeah, I did. And I wasn't lying. She was delicious.
A.: Son of a - Ugh.
D.: Oh, come on. What do you think happened? Not an inkling? Never considered the possibility? I turned her.
A.: Why?
D.: She came to me. All pathetic, looking for vampires. But there was something about her. Something I liked, something special.
A.: You turned her because you liked her?
D.: No, I slept with her because I liked her. I turned her because she begged me to. But you knew that too, didn't you? Hm. I guess she wasn't happy at home. Wasn't happy with life in general. Wasn't happy with you... This is a shame.
A.: Ugh!
D.: We're kindred spirits, abandoned by the women we love. Unrequited love sucks. Sounds like I got a lung. Which means I get to sit here and watch you die.

In 1x17 "Let The Right One In" Elena and Damon ask Alaric for help because Stefan is abducted by a group of rogue tomb vampires. While watching the interaction between Damon and Elena, Alaric discoveres that just maybe Damon might be more than just a killer. In the fight with the rogue tomb vampires Alaric even saves Damons life. Team badass is born - although Alaric still doesn't like Damon much.

Damon: That was fun. Don't look at me like that. I know you hate me. Guess what. Everyone hates me. But you can't deny we were badass.
Alaric punches him in the face and leaves.
Damon: Happens.

After that they start developing first their working relationship (as they work together to solve their supernatural problems) and later actual friendship. By season 3 they consider themselves best friends and drinking buddies, After Damon kills Alaric in a fit of rage (after checking if Ric is wearing his ring), Alaric stops being his friend, but they still work together. They manage to renew their friendship after Damon apologizes and Ric starts losing time.

Damon is one of the characters who takes Ric's death the hardest. After Alaric came back to life, the two seemingly effortlessly went back to the way their relationship operated before Alaric's death.


For fandom's take on the platonic side of Damon and Alaric's relationship go to Alaric & Damon

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Damon/Alaric has been one of the first slash pairings in the fandom (along with Damon/Stefan and Jeremy/Tyler) and it managed to keep its popularity over the years (most likely due to the ever growing canon material). In the spirit of Buddy cop movies, once Damon and Alaric started to work together on the show and started developing friendship, a lot of fans saw the slash potential.

I think this pairing has a lot of potential. Both characters have multiple sides to their personality and a surprising amount in common--they both love very deeply and dedicated their lives to chasing after the ghosts of their lost lovers; they're both trying to move past the hold these loves have over them; they'll take crazy risks and will step up to defend the people they care about; they're incredibly isolated and lonely (because of the secret world they belong to, because of their own behavior), and hungry for company and someone they can depend on and be real with.[1]

They are often referred to as Team Badass. It stems from Damon calling them "badass" in season 1.

Their friendship always plays a crucial role in the way fans portray them in fanworks.

Damon/Alaric are sometimes accompanied by a third character. Most common Dalaric threesomes are: Damon/Alaric/Elijah, Damon/Alaric/Elena, and Jenna/Damon/Alaric . Damon/Alaric/Enzo gained some following after both Enzo and Alaric returned from the dead.

Dalaric Fan events

Banner for DSC Dalaric event
  • Februaty 23-February 24, 2014 Damon Stan Club hosted a mini-event on Tumblr that concentrated on Dalaric underrated moments.
Good example: something that hasn’t been giffed 254364 times. Bad example: Dalaric hug in 4x22. Everyone and their mother giffed that one, and as much as I love it, doesn’t fit the criterion. ;) Yeah, I know you have probably mostly forgotten stuff from earlier seasons, so, God willing, I’ll have an informative list of Dalaric moments for you on this blog tomorrow night.[2]

Entries were tagged with dsc dalaric.

Common Tropes and Relationship Fanon

  • Vampire!Ric - in the majority of fanfics, Damon is the one to turn Alaric into a vampire, either to save his life or as a next (final) step in their relationship
  • Drinking buddies - Damon and Alaric are often referred to by other characters (both in fanworks and on the show) as each other's drinking buddies, though it's often followed by some sort of acknowledgement that they were much more than that
  • Alaric looking after Damon from The Other Side - this was a trope that started appearing in fanworks after season 3 finale.
  • Secret Relationship - in some fanworks Alaric's relationship with Damon remains secret (or a non-secret where they hide, but other characters are aware of the relationship), often due to the fact that one of them is still in a het relationship
  • Elijah - some writers introduce Elijah to the Damon/Alaric dynamic, in a side pairing, or in a threesome moment, though very often Dalaric remains the primary relationship and is the dymanic with most emotional content.

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