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Name: Rachel Anne Summers
Rachel Grey
Rachel Summers-Richards
Occupation: Superhero;
political campaign manager (X-Men: The End)
Relationships: Jean Grey (Phoenix, mother), Scott Summers (Cyclops, father),
Madelyne Pryor (Goblin Queen, genetic clone of mother/"step-mother"), Emma Frost (AU step-mother)
John Grey (grandfather), Elaine Grey (grandmother), Christopher Summers (Corsair, grandfather), Katherine Summers (grandmother),
Phillip Summers (great-grandfather), Deborah Summers (great-grandmother),
Sara Grey-Bailey (aunt), Julia Grey (aunt), Roger Grey (uncle), Liam Grey (uncle), Paul Bailey (uncle), Alex Summers (Havok, uncle), Gabriel Summers (Vulcan, uncle),
Nathan Summers (Cable, half-brother), Nate Grey (X-Man, AU!AOA brother), Megan Summers (AU!The End half-sister), unnamed twins (AU!The End half-sisters), Alex Summers Jr (AU!The End half-brother), Ruby Summers (AU!Earth-1191 half-sister), Stryfe (genetic clone of half-brother Cable), Aliya Jenskot (sister-in-law),
Tyler Dayspring (Genesis, nephew), Hope Summers (adopted niece through Cable),
Franklin Richards (love interest/husband)
Jonathan Richards (Hyperstorm, son), Dream Summers (daughter), David Richards (son)
Fandom: Marvel Comics, X-Men
Other: Wikipedia
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Rachel Summers: PHOENIX 2 by Summerset (2008)

Rachel Summers is the alter ego of Phoenix and Marvel Girl from the Marvel Comics series The X-Men. She has appeared in several X-Men Comics universes, mainly Days of Future Past and Earth-616.


Rachel Summers is a mutant born with telepathic and telekinetic powers. She has bonded with the Phoenix Force.

Rachel first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men #141 (January 1981). Rachel has yet to appear in the X-Men Movieverse. She makes an appearance in her Hound outfit briefly in X-Men: The Animated Series[1].



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  1. ^ X-Men: The Animated Series Season 4 "Beyond Good and Evil, Part Four: End and Beginning" - She appears as one of Apocalypse's captive psychics next to Stryfe.