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Name: Phoenix Force
White Phoenix of the Crown, Star-Child, The Black Angel, Chaos-Bringer, Black Queen, Dark Phoenix, Child of the M'Kraan Crystal
Status: alive
Relationships: List of Phoenix Hosts
Fandom: Marvel Comics, X-Men
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The Phoenix Force is an cosmic entity in the Marvel Comics universe who is known to bond with other characters (under the alias Phoenix).


The Phoenix Force is a cosmic entity, thus it is considered god-like. It enhances its' host's abilities and has the ability to manipulate cosmic energies and to tap into the life-force of the universes. The Phoenix Force is known to be able directly absorb energy such as Cyclops' optic blasts or even the entire energy of a sun. It is the nexus of all psionic energy, which includes making their telepathy and telekinesis powers closer to cosmic scope.

List of Hosts

  • Jean Grey ("White Phoenix of the Crown")
  • Madelyne Pryor - was a clone of Jean and was brought to life by a fraction of the Phoenix Force.
  • Rachel Summers ("The One True Phoenix")
  • Professor X - briefly possessed an echo of the Phoenix Force during his time with the Starjammers.[1]
  • Quentin Quire - reconstituted his body using a fragment of the shattered Phoenix Force, however it left him[2]
  • Emma Frost - briefly became the host for Phoenix[2], however, she was not able to contain the Phoenix. She possesses it again after the Avengers try to destroy it[3] becoming part of the Phoenix Five until her fragment gets taken by Cyclops[4]
  • Stepford Cuckoos - possessed a fraction of the Phoenix Force that they had to imprison inside of their diamond hearts[5], it later left their hearts
  • Captain Marvel - resurrected by a fragment of the Phoenix Force
  • Cyclops - he gets possessed by the Phoenix after Avengers try to destroy it[3], becoming part of the Phoenix Five. He becomes Dark Phoenix after stealing the others' five fragments of the Phoenix Force[4] however it's later taken by Wanda and Hope[6]
    • In an AU/What If? Story Scott becomes the Phoenix.
  • Colossus - becomes part of the Phoenix Five[3], however he loses it soon after in a battle against his sister[7]
    • In Professor's W X-Men universe, the Phoenix Force is inhabiting Colossus' dead body (however it shaped the body to look female).
  • Magik - becomes part of the Phoenix Five[3], however she loses it soon after in a battle against her brother[7]
  • Namor - becomes part of the Phoenix Five[3], however the fragment left him after he was defeated by the Avengers.[8]
  • Hope Summers - is apparently a part of the Phoenix Force itself, together they temporarily became the "White Phoenix of the Crown"[6]
  • Giraud (Guardians of the Galaxy) - 31st century host
  • Franklin Richards[9] - future host shown in the Ultimate Universe
  • Storm[10] - in a AU Storm became possessed by the Phoenix instead of Jean
  • Gabriel Summers [11] - AU
  • Kurt Wagner [12]- AU


The Phoenix Force first appeared in The Uncanny X-Men #101 (January 1976) under the guise of Jean Grey. Due to this, the Phoenix Force's well known avatar is Jean. It has since become a popular avatar for Rachel Summers, and Hope Summers has also become the latest major known avatar for it.


In the X-Men Movieverse, the Phoenix is a split personality of Jean Grey who is briefly seen in Jean at the end of X2 and is the main villain in X3.


The "Phoenix Saga" was a main storyline in X-Men: The Animated Series Season 3 following closely with the comicsverse version[13].

In X-Men: Evolution, the Phoenix Force makes a cameo in the last episode during Professor X's vision of the future where it takes control of Jean[14] turning her into the Dark Phoenix possibly. Many fans believe that an earlier episode where Jean's powers go out of control is a hint of the Phoenix[15].

Wolverine and the X-Men series focusing on Jean Grey's disappearance, which is later revealed to be because of the Phoenix Force - and because of it, she is taken by the Hellfire Club whom want the power for themselves. The Stepford Cuckoos take away the Phoenix power from Jean and becomes the Dark Phoenix. Emma Frost, Jean and Cyclops fight the Phoenix. Emma sacrifices herself to stop it by absorbing the Phoenix into her body, turning into her diamond form then shattering herself into pieces[16].

The Phoenix Force (in the form of Jean Grey) briefly appears in the Marvel Anime: X-Men.


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X-Men: Evolution


Most stories that were post-X2 were about Jean Grey coming back as the Phoenix. A popular trope post-X3's release was fix-it fic where they would fix Jean's Phoenix storyline from the film to be closer to the comic version (aka not a split personality of Jean) - this also works with other types of fanworks related to X3, editing official images and trailers of Jean with more fire.

Wolverine and the X-Men


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