A Rogue's Curse

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Title: A Rogue's Curse
Author(s): AznDangster
Date(s): June 3, 2010 - October 18, 2010
Oct 18, 2010 - Dec 20, 2012 (sequel)
Length: c 82,200 words (43 chapters)
c 12,200 (6 chapters so far) (sequel)
Genre(s): het, Romance, Drama/Angst, Action/Adventure, AU
Fandom(s): X-Men Movieverse
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A Rogue's Wish
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A Rogue's Curse is an X-Men Movieverse fanfic story by AznDangster and is mainly focused on the pairing Cyclops/Rogue but character wise - it mainly focuses on Rogue.


A Rogue's Curse: After Jean's death the mansion is in shambles. Rogue's powers are growing quickly and she's holding in a terrible secret. With the help, and love, of Scott, Rogue helps the mansion, and herself, move on. But, Jean is alive...and something is wrong.

The story takes place post X2 and is technically an AU version of X3 where Jean returns and Phoenix happens. Scott/Jean, Logan/Jean, and Kitty/Bobby are all secondary pairings. Nightcrawler and Angel appears later in the story.

A Rogue's Wish: With Jean powerless, Emma Frost is called back to handle the new threat, MJ, and Emma is not ready to let go of Scott. Rogue is alive, but what happens when a promise Rogue made for new life comes back to haunt her?

The sequel to A Rogue's Curse, it introduces Emma Frost to the story. It's still incomplete as of Dec 20, 2012 at six chapters.


"loved it. every minute of it. don't know what else to say aside from the fact that you write beautifully and that I can't wait for another Rogue story."[1]

"I was anxious to catch up to see how it ended; it seemed to be over really soon... Again, I have to say I love how Phoenix is the enemy and how Rogue realizes that. You made me feel for Jean which is rare with the stories I usually read. I also liked how Rogue was actually the one standing in her own way. It kind of reminded me of Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and how she had the power to return home all along except with Rogue it was about control over her powers. The negative with this story is your editing. The dialogue in some chapters is smooth and easy to read while in others it changes from one character to another without warning. You also have a few spelling errors... but it was still a great story that kept me in suspense and always eagerly waiting for the next chapter."[2]


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