Hope Summers

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Name: Hope Summers II
Occupation: superhero
Relationships: Louise Spalding (biological mother)
Nathan and Hope Summers (adoptive parents), Tyler Dayspring (adoptive step-brother),
Madelyne Pryor (Goblin Queen, adopted grandmother), Scott Summers (Cyclops, adopted grandfather),
Jean Grey (adopted grandmother's genetic template/step-grandmother),
Christopher Summers (Corsair, adopted great grandfather), Katherine Summers (adopted great grandmother), and the rest of the Summers and Grey family (adoptive family)
Fandom: Marvel Comics, X-Men, X-Force
Other: Wikipedia
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Hope Summers is from the Marvel Comics series The X-Men.


Hope is an Omega level Mutant with an ability of unspecified limits to psychically manipulate and mimic the powers of other mutants.

Hope first appeared in X-Men #205 (November 2007). She is the first mutant born after the events of the "House of M" and "Decimation" storyline.



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