Claire Temple

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Name: Claire Temple
Occupation: Nurse
Relationships: Soledad Temple (Mother), Matt Murdock (Love interest & friend), Luke Cage (Love interest & friend), Colleen Wing (Friend), Danny Rand (Friend)
Fandom: Marvel Comics
MCU - Daredevil (TV series), Jessica Jones (TV series), Luke Cage (TV series) Iron Fist (TV series)
The Defenders (Netflix TV series)
Other: Portrayed by Rosario Dawson
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Claire Temple is a Marvel Comics character and also appears in the Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Defenders TV series, which are part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


TV Series

When Claire Temple finds an unconscious and injured Daredevil, her decision to treat him in her home brings her into the dangerous world of superhero vigilantes. She always makes an effort to help Matt when he calls, despite not always agreeing with Daredevil's methods. She was working at Metro General Hospital during the attack by the Hand

Claire Temple also treated Luke Cage after he was shot in the head. Months later she meets him again when visiting her mother in Harlem. Claire is drawn into Luke's conflicts with Cottonmouth and Diamondback, and as the two grow closer they begin a romantic relationship.

When Cage is in prison, Claire meets Danny Rand and Colleen Wing and helps them in their fight against the Hand.


TV Series

There is some confusion around which comics character Claire is based on. Show creators were unable to use the most well known version of Night Nurse for the Netflix TV series due to the upcoming Dr. Strange movie. So they used the lesser known Dr. Claire Temple, placing her in the Night Nurse role. When Colleen Wing began training Claire in marital arts, some fans theorized that she may become The White Tiger vigilante. [1] [2]

Claire is most commonly paired with her canonical love interests, Matt Murdock and Luke Cage. The femslash pairing of Karen Page/Claire Temple is also somewhat popular. Hurt Comfort is the most common trope in Claire centric works. Claire often provides emotional support or medical treatment to injured superheroes, similar to the narrative role she has in canon.


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