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Moresome · Ship · Pairing
Relationship: Laura/Carmilla/Danny
Alternative name(s): Hollenstein, OT3: Seduction Eyes
Gender category: f/f/f
Fandom: Carmilla (web series)
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: common
Other: Laura/Carmilla, Laura/Danny, Carmilla/Danny, Carmilla (web series)
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The OT3 of Laura/Carmilla/Danny is a common, non-canon ship in the Carmilla (web series) fandom. Both Carmilla Karnstein and Danny Lawrence were both at some point in canon, potential lovers for Laura Hollis, the webseries' main protagonist, with Carmilla eventually becoming Laura's lover in canon. Laura/Carmilla/Danny is often seen as a way for everyone to get what they want, (which in this case, would be Laura), as both Danny and Carmilla are said to have romantic feelings for Laura at some point. There tends to be much overlap between Hollenstein shippers and people who ship Hollstein, Lawstein and Hollence, as it is often seen as a way to resolve the relatively mild three-way shipping war between them.


The first fanfiction tagged with Laura/Carmilla/Danny appeared on Archive of Our Own on September 30th, 2014, a bit more than a month after the first episode of Carmilla (web series) was posted to Youtube, and almost exactly though the first half of the first season of the web series. Since then it has gained 200+ works on Archive of Our Own and a semi-active Tumblr tag.

Common Tropes in Fanworks

A trope that is, for unknown reasons, extremely popular in most fanworks is the addition of Danny Lawrence as a werewolf. While this is not canon, it draws from Danny's faction in the webseries, the Summer Society, which has been shown to continue to hunt people (specifically men) in the woods for sport. It also helps explain Carmilla and Danny's general distaste for each other in canon, while also fitting well into the show's supernatural theme.

Another popular trope is more focused on the relationship between Carmilla/Danny, as they are often portrayed as antagonistic towards each other (and in Carmilla's case, anyone other than Laura). In a fanwork, the two will often regard each other with suspicion of the other's intent towards Laura, (whether this is before or after they agree to a polyamorous relationship is left up to the writer), but as they spend more and more time together, Laura will either say something along the lines of "Shut up and kiss already!" Or their love for Laura bringing the two closer together and realizing their own feelings for each other as well as Laura, or the much more entertaining option of the two staring at each other from two opposite beds in Carmilla and Laura's shared dorm room, exchanging snide remarks (which if the above trope is true, will often include dog jokes on Carmilla's part), until one of them breaks down and bends the other over a desk.





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