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Name: ShippersGuideToTheGalaxy
Alias(es): ShippersGuide, Sasha Wood
Type: YouTuber, Video Essayist, Vidder
Fandoms: Star Trek, Harry Potter, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, DCEU, DC Comics, Dream Daddy, Avatar: Legend of Korra, Dragon Ball Z, She-Ra, Venom, Supernatural, Detroit: Become Human and many many more.
URL: Youtube Channel
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ShippersGuideToTheGalaxy is a Canadian fan and YouTuber. She is known for meta and video essays related to fandom topics. ShippersGuide is also active on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Patreon.

Before starting this channel, ShippersGuide was an active vidder, creating vids for multiple fandoms, on her YouTube channel Sasha Wood. Nowadays she is more active on her comic book analyses and reviews channel Casually Comics, and her gaming channel Enjoying Pixels

YouTube Series & Content

  • Popular ships, is a series of video essays that explore the evolution of ships, why fans ship a certain pairing and common tropes in fanworks featuring that pairing. Unlike ship manifesto essays, these videos aim for a more balanced view of the fandom and often feature a segment on why some fans don't ship this pairing.
  • Fandom Basics, is a series detailing some basic terminology commonly used in fandom. Perfect for beginners or those just looking to brush up on their history.
  • Headcanon theatre looks at common and unexpected fanon and fandom tropes/pairings.
  • Fic Rec Friday, features at least 5 recs from a variety of different fandoms.
  • Fanversations, is a series talking to fans, fellow creators and sundry about all things fandom.

ShippersGuide often creates vids explaining recent controversies and changes in fandom. This can include negative fan reactions to announcements by TPTB, and events like the Tumblr Purge. These vids often aim to explain the issue from all sides.

Notable Vids

  • Tumblr is Over? by ShippersGuide, In one of the largest purges of the modern fandom era Tumblr has decided to ban all adult content. How did it come to this and what does it mean for fandom?