Cream Lemon

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Name: Cream Lemon
Date(s): August 1984–February 1987
Medium: anime
Country of Origin: Japan
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Cream Lemon is an erotic anime video series released between August 1984 and February 1987.

The stories are an explicit mixture of stories whose overriding theme is sex of every kind imaginable. The main characters are brother, Hiroshi, and sister, Ami, who are edging closer and closer to an incestuous relationship.

Bill Hupe, editor of the zine Mi-Anime published in 1988, mentioned the series, though misspelled: "Oops, I goofed in issue 1's editorial... slash is HOMOSEXUAL fiction, not hetero! We only accept hetero (big mistake there!). I have been asked if I will accept homosexual fiction if the characters involved were portrayed in such a manner, but I cannot. Homosexual fiction, as well as fiction along the lines of Creme Lemon, are illegal in many states, including Michigan. In other words, it is illegal for me to publish it here, as well as transport it into to many states. Sorry folks."

In 1989 the videoes were the subject of a back and forth letter discussion between Earth Defense Command and Randall S. Stukey, editor of Celluloid Diversions, concerning allegations that the videos were being shown in appropriately at Dallas Fantasy Fairs. The exchange became known as the Cream Lemon Dispute.