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Title: MI-Anime
Publisher: Knightwriter Press
Editor(s): Bill Hupe
Date(s): 1988
Medium: print
Fandom: Multimedia (Multiple Fandoms)
Language: English
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MI-Anime is a gen and het anthology edited by Bill Hupe.

cover of issue #1
cover of issue #1.5

Issue 1

MI-Anime 1 (100 pgs) - was published in 1988. Features "Uncontrolled Experiment" by Marg Baskin based on Zeta Gundam; "The Bogeyman" by Weekes (Robotech), and Starblazers and Captain Harlock poetry. Art by Williams, Bruton, Young, and Teegar.

Issue 1.5

MI-Anime 1.5 (75 pgs) It was published in December 1988. Adult, no-slash fiction, including stories based on Heavy Metal L-Gaim, Robotech, and Megazone 23; and 2 portfolios, one each by Hei Mo Han and Teegar with the swimsuit issue.

From Bill Hupe, the editor: "Oops, I goofed in issue 1's editorial... slash is HOMOSEXUAL fiction, not hetero! We only accept hetero (big mistake there!). I have been asked if I will accept homosexual fiction if the characters involved were portrayed in such a manner, but I cannot. Homosexual fiction, as well as fiction along the lines of Creme Lemon, are illegal in many states, including Michigan. In other words, it is illegal for me to publish it here, as well as transport it into to many states. Sorry folks."

Bill would later go on to agent slash fanzines and some of his caution may have been the result of anti-gay crackdowns taking place in his home state in the late 1970s and 1980s as result of AIDs hysteria. [1]

Table of contents for issue #1.5:

  • Mi-Anime's Fabulous Swimsuit Issue (3)
  • Ice Castles by Marg Baskin (17)
  • Megazone 23 part 1.5 by Studio Nebulus (55)
  • Journey Down the Amazon by T.N. Allen and Studio Nebulus (59)
  • Nei Mo Han Partfolio (66)
  • art by Nei Mo Han (front cover) and Teegar

Issue 2

MI-Anime 2 (50 pgs) This issue features a novella by Steven Chaney; Shikoodo is a bright high school student and his peers don't understand him. But someone in the military does- also, poetry by ambassador and art by Teegar, Williams, and Lewis.

Issue 2.5

Issue 3

MI-Anime 3 (68 pgs)

From a July 1993 ad in GAZ: "After a long delay, the latest issue is available. Features 3 short Dirty Pair stories and several items by Karen Klink: "So I Slipped- So What?" (Gatchaman); "Never Fear" (St. Seiya). A gen Eroica piece and more!"

Issue 4

MI-Anime 4 (87 pgs) Features a special full-color Kimba cover + fiction based on Ranma ½, Gatchaman, Captain Harlock.

Issue 5

MI-Anime 5 (50 pgs) Full color cover. Includes a Real Ghostbusters/St Seiya crossover, Granzort.

  • To Serve and Protect by Birgit Stadler (The Real Ghostbusters crossover)
  • other unknown content


  1. See Daniel Tsang, "Gay Ann Arbor Purges," Midwest Gay Academic Journal 1 (1977): 13-19, cited in the 'Lesbian and Gay Studies Reader' by Henry Ablove (1993)