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Synonyms: anime
See also: animanga
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Japanimation is an English-language term for Japanese animation. Many fans prefer the term Anime (a loanword from Japanese).


In the early 1990s, Japanimation was a standard term in North America, even among fans. By the mid-90s, it had become controversial, perhaps because the shortening of 'Japanese' to 'Jap' reminded people of the ethnic slur.

As of 2011, use of 'Japanimation' is usually seen as a mark of an outsider who neither likes nor understands anime. However, some fans have used this term, and have found attitudes towards the use of 'anime' vs. 'japanimation' elitist.

The Anime News Network identifies japanimation as a North American term but comments that it is now used in Japanese to distinguish between Japanese animation and animation in general (which is what the word 'anime' means in Japanese).[1]

Some people have taken to calling American series styled like anime as amerime (See: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Teen Titans). [2]


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