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Discord server
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Podfichat is a large Discord Server dedicated to the podfic community. It acts as a central hub for all things podfic, including channels for general discussion, announcements about challenges and exchanges, recs, podfic knowledge and skills exchange, organisation of multi-voice podfics, sharing podfic cover art and memes such as Podfic Platypus, and much more.

It was created in Dec 2017.

As of Oct 2021, the server had 600+ members. Server-wide mods included Arioch, yue_ix and GodOfLaundryBaskets.

As of Oct 2023, the server reached 1000 members.

One feature of the server that has spread to elsewhere in the podfic community is the use of the pretzel emoji as a sort-of-hug expression of support. This is partly as it looks like a heart, and partly as the wires in the server icon look a lot like a pretzel.