Podfic Platypus

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Name: Podfic Platypus
Date(s): April 2012-May 2016
Submissions: Yes
Type: macro of a platypus on blue background with relatable podfic-related text
Fandom: podfic, fandom/Pan-fandom
Scope: meta: podficcers' experiences in fandom
URL: https://fuckyeahpodficplatypus-blog.tumblr.com/
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Podfic Platypus is a podfic-specific Advice Animal. It was inspired by the fanfic-specific Fanfic Flamingo and relies on the meme generator template.


The Tumblr account and its mirror Twitter account were created and modded by anatsuno with help from Helens78. It was updated regularly between 2012 and 2013--initially on a daily schedule--and sporadically after that, with a final submission posted in 2016. This is presumably due to a lack of new submissions.

The Tumblr and Twitter accounts posted the platypus memes as well as posts and asks relating to podfic fandom in general.[1] [2]

In 2020, the Platypus made a reappearance on the podfichat Discord server.

Hey! Welcome, we’re glad you found the platypus!

This Tumblr is currently (wo)manned by anatsuno (yes, all lowercase) with the generous help of Helens78.

If you get confused by some of the terms used in the jokes, we recommend looking them up on http://fanlore.org

And if you don’t know what podfic is, you can probably start with this post!

Keep the submissions rolling in :))

"about" -- https://fuckyeahpodficplatypus-blog.tumblr.com/about

Why a Platypus?


Anonymous submissions included comments on all aspects of the podfic experience, from the points of view of writers, podficcers, and listeners; it touched on the specifics of the podficcing process as well as on the wider discussions and debates happening in podfic fandom.