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Name: Podfication
Dates: October 22-23, 2016
Location: at the Waterbury (Geek Partnership Society) in Minneapolis, MN, US
Type: fan-run, non-profit, no celebrity guests
Focus: podfic
Founder: revolutionaryjo & Bessyboo
Founding Date:
URL: website
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Podfication was the first podfic con.

program book cover

There were 34 participants.



It is a "... convention for podfic creators and listeners to get together in the real world and discuss our love of this fanwork in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. A vacation for podficcers, if ya follow." -- from the 2016 program book

From the website:

What is Podfication?

An informal gathering of podfic creators and listeners! Come join us in Minneapolis for a couple days of informal hanging out, discussion, and of course recording.

When and where is this thing?

October 22nd & 23rd, 2016 at the Geek Partnership Society's Event Horizon community center. (1121 Jackson St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413)

Why Minneapolis? Isn't Minnesota COLD?

Because that's where Bess and Jo live. And look, it's PROBABLY not going to snow in October. Probably. (Also, more seriously, we have direct access to facilities and resources here, and autumn in the Midwest is actually very lovely.)

So kind of like a convention?

Kind of. But kind of not. I did mention the informal thing, right? For one, there's no hotel. The Geek Partnership Society is kindly renting us a couple of their community center rooms for the weekend for much less than it would cost to contract a hotel. That being the case, we're requiring a small attendance fee of $5.00 when you RSVP, although we may ask for additional donations down the road so we can cover the operational costs, but give us a bit more time to work out the logistics of that. We'll let you know.

So where am I going to stay?

The Event Horizon center is a convenient bus ride from downtown Minneapolis, which has many hotels. There may also be some locals who can accommodate a few people, at their discretion. For more info, check out this post to find roommates and/or coordinate lodgings.

Geek Community Center, huh? That sounds kind of neat.

Yes! And it is! But let me manage your expectations about our venue here a little. There isn't much by way of restaurants or hotels within walking distance of it. The ceilings are high, and it's right next to railroad tracks. The building is shared with quite a few other groups including a nerdy taiko group and a Christian Youth Ministry and the sound does bleed between rooms when things get bumping. [1] We know it's not always ideal for recording, but it is a space we can all gather and talk about all things podfic! We went with it to keep the risk and costs behind this thing as low as possible to start with.

Don't get us wrong, there are lovely things about it too! We'll have access to two rooms, one that has some comfy couch seating for hanging out and chatting, and one that can be used for more formal panel type discussions. We'll also have access to a small kitchenette.

Who's behind the curtain?

Thus far, the people who could ostensibly be considered responsible for this thing's existence are [personal profile] revolutionaryjo and [personal profile] bessyboo. We might require some extra staff and volunteers down the road. We'll let you know.

Sounds great, I'm in!

Awesome! You can RSVP for $5.00 (USD) here through Eventbrite.

I have so many more questions.

So do I, friend. So do I. We'll be periodically updating this community as time goes on with more information as we get organized. In the meantime, join up and if you want to ask us a question directly, shoot us an email (podfication at gmail) or drop us a comment. [2]



Opening Remarks:

Room 107 - Saturday, 9:30 A.M.

Welcome to Podfication! Announcements and other important information before we get down to having fun.

Vocal Warmups:

Room 107 - Saturday, 10:00 A.M.

Panelist: revolutionaryjo

Let's break the ice by collectively looking sillyl We'll talk about our vocal warmup routines and do some.

Off-Roading: Experimental Podfic:

Room 707 - Saturday, 11:00 A.M.

Panelists: klb & revolutionaryjo

Fans keep inventing creative ways to push the boundaries of what podfic can be. In this panel, we'll discuss some of these past experiments with podfic, work together to try to figure out the major axes on which podfic can be played with, and then immediately put that thinking to use as we all suggest more possibilities for ways to play with podfic as a form, the more outrageous, the better. Hopefully you will leave with at least one exciting new idea you like to try!

In Person Podfic Love-Fest:

Room 107 - Saturday, 1:00 P.M.

Panelists: klb & Lunate8

This event is an opportunity to enjoy listening to podfic in a room cf :ecoe who love it as much as you do - sharing aloud the laughter, gasps, and sometimes even tears that great podfic inspires in us. But beyond that, it's an opportunity for podficcers, who often receive little feedback, to have a few minutes of this con dedicated to showering them with in-person appreciation by fellow members of their community.

He Said She Said: Exploring Character Voices:

Room 107 - Saturday, 3:00 P.M.

Panelists: klb & Rhea314

There are many ways to differentiate character voices, from subtle to bold. In this panel we will talk about how you decide how characters will sound, tips and tricks for getting into character, ways to tackle situations with accents or speech patterns far outside your comfort level, and any other thoughts you have on voicing characters. Then we will share clips of different podficcers' takes on the same characters and discuss similarities and differences we notice!

Podfic Cover Art:

Room 107 - Saturday, 4:00 P.M.

Panelist: Bessyboo

All of your podfic cover art questions answered!

Podfic Big Bang and the Ways of Epic Podfic:

Room 107 - Saturday, 7:00 P.M.

Panelist: Opalsong

Are you intimidated by long podfic? Love it? Unsure where to begin? How to go about finding something even more epic than your last? Wondering how in the world people can produce 30 hour podfics without losing their voices (and their will to live)? This is the panel for you!

Revelation: What Podfic Means to Us:

Room 107 - Saturday, 8:00 P.M.

Panelist: klb

Now that we finally have a con just for podfic, this panel is to sit in a room of people who are all as passionate about podfic as you and talk about what podfic means to you and how it has changed your life.



Room 107 - Sunday, 10:00 A.M.

Panelist: revolutionoryjo & Lunate8

How do you work with a beta when it comes to podfic? DO you work with a beta when it comes to podfic? Let's talk about all things beta, from communication between beta a podficcer to finding a beta that's right for you.

Guess That Voice:

Room 107 - Sunday, 11:00 A.M.

Panelist: Rhea314

We'll play random snippets of various podfics and take guesses from the audience on who the podficcer is, as well as fic and fandom. Probably determined from iTunes shuffle and picking random times from members in the audience as well for maximum unpredictability. Can you say who that podficcer is from 5 seconds of randomly selected audio? Can you name the podfic? ls that your voice?

LIVE PODFIC (hosted by Opalsong; written by Syr):

Room 106A - Sunday, 1:00 P.M.

Panelists: Opalsong & Co.

A live recording/performance of a brand new written-for-podfication fic (by Syr). Voluntary audience participation. Hilarity will ensue. You have be warned.

Live Performances:

Room 106A - Sunday, 2:00 P.M.

Live readings from your fellow Podfication attendees!

Closing Remarks:

Room 106A - Sunday, 5:00 P.M.

A fond farewell and any last minute important information that needs to be relayed.

Attendee Comments

  • "I've been waiting for a podfic convention for years, I can't believe we're finally having one! It's amazing to put faces to many of the voices that have been in my ears for years, keeping me company, cheering me up, making me laugh, cry, and make funny faces at work. This weekend has been so amazing, I really hope we have more in the future." -paraka

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