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Synonyms: podfic collaboration, group podfic, co-podfic
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A multi-voice podfic is any podfic that includes audio of more than one person's voice. Typical multi-voice projects include in-person group recordings at a convention or at a fan's house, online projects where readers send their recorded parts to one fan who edits them together, or otherwise solo projects where the main podficcer asks one or more people to lend their voices for a specific purpose (e.g. singing for a podficcer who doesn't want to sing or reading the introduction for a Welcome to Night Vale-style podfic).

How the parts are divided between readers varies according to the needs of the story and the available number of podficcers. One person might be assigned to record all the narration and other readers be assigned different characters' dialogue (e.g. Wait Wait Don't Eat Me). Because alternating POV is fairly common in fanfic, two podficcers might trade off reading the sections from each character's point of view. Or sometimes a group of podficcers want to record something and take turns reading something that doesn't divide up as easily. Radio-play style podfics, where there is only dialogue and no narration, are very rare.

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