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Name: Yin
Alias(es): Yin Again
Type: fan writer, podficcer
Fandoms: Whedonverse, Stargate Atlantis, Hewligan, Sherlock, Slings & Arrows, etc.
URL: website (stories pre-mid 2007) (~offline),
yinfic fic LiveJournal (stories post-mid 2007), yin-again on LiveJournal,
yin_again on Archive of Our Own
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Yin (a.k.a. Yin Again) is a podficcer[1] and fan writer who has written many popular stories. In Stargate Atlantis Yin's works mainly pair John/Rodney and include many AUs, some crackier than others. In Whedonverse fic, many of Yin's stories pair Xander/Spike.

Many of Yin's stories have sequels. Due to the lack of a masterpost or interlinking between stories and their sequels on the fic journal and website, these can most easily be found by checking the fic journal's tags[2] and returning to the website fic index pages.[3]

Yin was one of the readers for the epic podfic of speranza's story "Written by the Victors".

Notable Works

Stargate Atlantis




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