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Pornstar AU refers to an Alternate Universe story in which characters from one or more fandoms are involved in the porn industry. Despite the common term, characters are not always "stars", and like hookerfic, they are not always complete AUs and can include stories set in the canon universe where one or more characters is revealed to have been in a porno film or posed for a porno magazine when they were younger (often to put themselves through college). The stories can range from more realistic to complete fantasy that bears little resemblance to the actual porn industry.

Examples of Pornstar AUs


lotr_porn was a Celebrity RPG (role-playing game), in which legitimate actors, mainly from the Lord of the Rings movies, were imagined as being involved the "adult film business". This is considered a form of RPF. It was active from about July 2003 to February 2005.

Notable characters included Johnny Depp as the owner of the studio, Keira Knightley as a cheerful porn star, Billy Boyd as a hard-boiled police detective, Orlando Bloom as a witness in need of protecting, Dominic Monaghan as another cheerful porn star and sometime escort, and Ian McKellen as Dom's uncle. It included slash, het, and femslash, with some forays into BDSM.

While difficult to follow, because the scenes often play out in character journals using livejournal tigging, and thus were written rather disjointedly, the game/series had many devoted readers.

Stargate Atlantis

In 2007, Yin Again, with the help of several other SGA writers, started the shared universe Livejournal community Gay Porn for Girls, in which female characters from the Stargate-verse wrote and directed gay porn starring male characters from the Stargate-verse. GPFG Studios (as Gay Porn for Girls came to be known) story contributions continued until early 2008.


In 2001, Beth posted XXX Mansion in the X-Men Movieverse fandom to WRBeta. The AU involves Charles Xavier's company Big Bald Head Productions, which produced high quality porn with an all mutant cast. Their biggest rival is Ironhard Brothers Studio, headed by Eric Lensherr, who specializes in porn-snuff films. The AU keeps the X-Men's vigilante roles as well as the school.