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An Actor AU is an AU that reinterprets the characters as actors in a movie or TV show. It's sometimes used synonymously with Hollywood AU or Celebrity AU. Some actor AUs may veer into RPF when applied to live action media.


The oldest fanfic on Archive of Our Own where the characters are set in an AU as actors is a Supernatural fic titled Star Struck, by FayJay, posted in 2009. It is tagged as "Movie AU."[1]


Many Actor AUs involve a romantic plot between the characters leading to romantic or sexual tension between the actors, or situations where the actors hate each other off-screen but must pretend to be friendly (or more) for publicity. The characters they play may be in a movie or show made up for the fanfic, or the AU may take a more meta approach and have them acting in the original canon itself.

Types and Subgenres

  • Actor AU
  • Movie AU - An actor AU focused on film, or as an AU where the characters are actors in a film even if the canon media is not a film.
  • Hollywood AU - Many popular Actor AUs are set in Hollywood, but Actor AU is the more popular tag on AO3 since it doesn't limit the story's location.
  • Celebrity AU - A broader category which could encompass actor AU.
  • Theatre AU - A type of AU where characters are theatre actors.




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