Billy Boyd

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Name: Billy Boyd
Also Known As:
Occupation: Actor
Medium: Film, TV, Theatre
Works: The Lord of the Rings, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, On a Clear Day, Seed of Chucky, Sniper 470, Empty (TV series), Flying Scotsman, Save Angel Hope, Stone of Destiny.
Official Website(s): none, his band page: [1], IMDB Billy Boyd page
Fan Website(s): Boy Oh, Basically Billy Boyd
On Fanlore: Related pages

Billy Boyd is a Scottish actor who is best known in fandom for playing the character of Peregrin Took, or Pippin, in the Lord of the Rings movies produced and directed by Peter Jackson. Billy Boyd also composed the song he sings as Pippin in the third film, The Return of the King.

In 2006, Billy helped form a four-piece rock band, Beecake, in which he sings, plays bass guitar, and writes songs. Beecake has an active and successful MySpace presence as beecakeband. They have played a few dozen live performances, and recorded a CD, Soul Swimming.

Billy has frequently spoken about his love for Scotland and desire to continue living and working in Glasgow.[1]

In Fandom

Because of his role in The Lord of the Rings, Billy is also a popular RPF character in Lotrips fandom. He is most often paired with Dominic Monaghan in the pairing known as Monaboyd (see, and to a lesser extent with Elijah Wood, or with both Dom and Elijah both as a threesome sometimes called dombillijah[2] or the fucksome trio. There are also fanfic stories about Billy with every other leading LotR actor.

Many LotR and Lotrips fans have taken an interest in Boyd's other films and have occasionally written fanfic for them, including Sniper 470 (as the Sniper), Master and Commander (as Bondon), Urban Ghost Story (as The Shark), often slashed with one of Dominic Monaghan's characters. In writing about the character Jamie, (an autistic young man from the Scottish series Taggart), paired with Dom's Geoffrey (from the UK TV series Hetty Wainthropp), fans took the opportunity to express their own experiences.