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Name: Toft
Alias(es): toft_froggy, toftoft
Type: writer, slasher, podficcer, moderator
Fandoms: Actor RPF, B7, HP, SGA, Sherlock Holmes, Mythbusters RPF
Communities: myth_confirmed with thingswithwings, holmes_watson with thingswithwings
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Toft is a writer who came to fandom in 2002 through a Kevin Spacey RPF mailing list [1], and swiftly moved on to much less fictional people. She has been an active writer in Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Blakes 7, SGA, and she now writes in a variety of smaller fandoms, including Sherlock Holmes and Mythbusters RPF.

Notable Work

Also known as 'the' tranvestite!John story, this story was quickly and widely read and recommended.
Rodney's a brilliant composer; John's a troubled violinist living in his father's shadow. Together, they make beautiful music. This story was such a hit when it was first released that readers exceeded the bandwidth on Toft's site. Teyla's role in the story came under criticism [4], which could be understood as part of a larger conversation [5] [6] about latent racism and misogyny, particularly as expressed by roles in SGA AUs[7]
John chases Rodney through multiple alternate universes, trying to bring him back into their own. Written for the sga_flashfic challenge 'Dating'.
A John/Ronon/Teyla/Rodney OT4 fic with sweet, romantic kinky foursomes and a novel Ronon Dex backstory. The Fourth Vine linked it in a recs list of "safety tab" fics, summing it up with "I just do not even know how the world could be a bad place when there is a story that includes both alien General Hospital and pegging."[10]
50's English girl's boarding school genderswap AU; and, in the final part, 70's lesbian separatist commune AU.
Written for Kink Bingo for the prompt 'fucking machines', this is another story that posits an unusual backstory for one of its characters.
Elementary school AU in space. Written for Yuletide.
Actor fic that mirrors the source.


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