Wait Wait Don't Eat Me

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Title: Wait Wait Don't Eat Me
Author(s): Nestra
Date(s): 2009-12-23
Fandom: National Public Radio RPF
External Links: Wait Wait Don't Eat Me (AO3)
Wait Wait Don't Eat Me (audiobook)

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Originally posted as part of Yuletide 2009, Wait Wait Don't Eat Me combines two fannish loves: the NPR game show Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and zombies. The story was popular during yuletide, garnering several recommendations and a significant number of comments, but it went viral on Feb 2, 2010 when a tweet about the story was posted by the official Wait Wait account, and subsequently picked up by Boing Boing, The Huffington Post, and noted on the Wait Wait Don't Tell Me blog. The number of page views of the story soared over 10,000 as news of the story spread, and the link to it was tweeted and retweeted at a frantic pace.

lunate8, zvi, twtd, templemarker, darkemeralds, and aethel podficced the story for amplificathon and lunate8 turned it into an audiobook.[1] The podfic is 0:06:37 minutes long and is available at the Audiofic Archive. A clip was featured in a 2019 NPR story about Archive of Our Own's Hugo Award nomination.[2]