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Name: Kitty
Alias(es): Kitty_fic, KittyLovesMerthur, KittyLovesSterek, kittymiaomeow
Type: fan writer, fan crafter, graphics maker, community moderator, fandom networker
Fandoms: Harry Potter (since 2010), Merlin (since 2012), Teen Wolf (since 2015) and Sherlock (since 2017).
Communities: H/D Owlpost, H/D Fan Fair, HP Kinkfest, HarryDracoMpreg, Camelot Remix, Winter Knights, After Camlann Big Bang
Other: Kitty's Masterlist
URL: AO3 Page
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Kitty, usually known as Kitty ("Call me Kitty")[1], is a longstanding fan writer and community and fest organiser in the Harry Potter, Merlin, and Teen Wolf fandoms. She identifies as a Griffinpuff (a Hufflepuff with Gryffindor tendencies). In more recent years Kitty has also been active in the Teen Wolf and Sherlock fandom. She is a writer and reader of slash fanfiction, with a special love for fluff, mpreg and other fannish tropes.

Fandom Activities

Kitty sometimes hosts fannish polls on LiveJournal. Highlights include Tentacles?, Knock, Shaft, Lance and the infamous H/D Top/Bottom Poll with 465 respondents.

On Chatzy, Kitty mods the H/D Writers and Merlin Chat, on Discord she runs the "Productivity (Fandom+RL)" server.

Kitty has been one of the editors of the Daily Snitch, a Harry Potter fandom newsletter from 2014-2019. She was also one of the editors of mxa_news from 2014-2019, a newsletter for the pairing Merlin/Arthur (Merthur) from BBC's Merlin.

Unforgotten are Kitty's amazing and colourful Birthday Cupcakes to commemorate fellow fandomers' birthdays. In a 2011 poll Kitty asked people about their cupcake theme preferences and continued to surprise people with her "Happy Birthday to You" Cupcake posts on LiveJournal.

Community and Fest Moderator

Kitty is the moderator of a whole range of fandom fests. Many of them would no longer be alive without her unflagging enthusiasm and dedication.

Here's an overview of the communities and fests Kitty has been modding:

Harry Potter Communities and Fests

Merlin Communities and Fests

Other Communities

Writer, Icon and Graphics Maker


Kitty is a fannish writer and participates in fandom fests and challenges. Her fic can be found on AO3 where she posted 60 fics (as of December 2019). Kitty mostly writes short to medium-length one-shots; they are often explicit and sometimes feature wing!fic, A/B/O dynamics and tentacles. Her Harry/Draco fanfic can be found on this handy spreadsheet. Kitty calls herself a writer of "fluff and porn“.[2]

A selection of her most well-known fics:

Icon and Graphics Maker

Kitty is a talented icon maker. Her graphics can be found in her graphics journal: grrr-aphics. She has organised fannish icon-making "battles" and other graphics challenges.

A selection of her icons:


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