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Journal Community
Name: Podfic Love
Date(s): July 2013-present
Moderator: akamine_chan, fire_juggler
Type: rec
Fandom: podfic
URL: http://podfic-love.dreamwidth.org

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Podfic Love is a Dreamwidth community (mirrored on tumblr and with associated twitter and Pinboard accounts) that was created in 2013 as "a community for recommendations for fannish vocal performances."[1] Its creation may have been linked to the deletion of the twitter account podficlistner, to fill the void left for regular positive podfic recs.

While anyone is welcome to post a rec to the community, there are also 3 offical reccers who post a minimum of 4 recs during their assigned month. Of the 3 reccers, one is assigned the role of Small Fandom Reccer, whose purpose "is to recs [sic] podfics from smaller, less active fandoms to help ensure that no fandom is left behind."[2]

As of August 7, 2015, there were 388 recs from 48 reccers of podfics by 207 performers bookmarked on the comm's Pinboard.[3]


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