Should We Believe

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Title: Should We Believe
Author(s): stellarmeadow
Date(s): 10 - 12 February 2013
Length: 21,802 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
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Should We Believe is a Steve/Danny story by stellarmeadow. It is listed at "Taka's McDanno Rec List" under "Angst".[1]

Summary: When Danny gets engaged, Steve realizes he may have gotten a clue just a little too late. Or has he?

Recs and Reviews

I liked that Steve wanted Danny, but even more, wanted for Danny to be happy, even if it wasn't with him--the very definition of love. I liked Catherine's response to Steve, and that she was still his friend. I very very much liked that neither of the boys were cheaters--that they made sure to do the right thing and end their current relationships before the new relationship went any further. And I don't think anyone's mentioned it--YET--but the sex scene was scorching hot. ::fans self:[2]
You know, while reading the first chapter of this fic I thought this story had some of the things that make me don’t want to read a ff: Steve and Danny being with other people, angst genre... but I really love the way you write, so I kept reading, eyes glued to the screen, drinking every word, because you are that good.

I loved this story a bit more chapter after chapter and here I am, leaving my comment and pointing out my favorite parts.

Yeah, he loved her.
The problem was he might actually be in love with someone else.

I loved this distinction you made between “love” someone and “being In love with” someone.

And the thought of Steve dreaming about Danny is really, really hot, as much as is the sexual tension between them through this whole story.

"I didn't say anything."
"You didn't have to." Which was part of the problem. Steve would never find anyone who got him the way Danny did. Cath understood him well enough, but Danny was practically psychic when it came to Steve.

So true! <3

I also liked the way you implied that Danny realized so early he messed up with Gabby and that it was wrong to ask her to marry him just because she “made him forget”... not ready though to admit it and so making up excuses and being angry at Steve because he was onto him and, most of all, because he was the true reason for him not being able to be happy with anyone else but him… and Steve repeating himself and Danny that he had a fiancée… because is the only way he can keep himself from telling Danny how he truly feels and doing what he really wants to do.

"Oh, because you're what, a human lie detector now?"
"When it comes to you? Yes."

Again, so true <3

Danny moved to brush past Steve, but only made it half a step before Steve grabbed Danny's arm, stopping him in his tracks. […] Danny's fingers were all below Steve's waistband now, sliding across to the middle of his back and moving a little lower, centimeter by centimeter, and Steve pressed back into them, wanting Danny's hands on his ass.

This whole scene is so hot, really. It gave me goosebumps!

And Steve trying to convince Danny and himself that they could simply forget what happened is… sweet… I don’t know… he can’t bear the thought of losing Danny over this, so he’s even ready to pretend that that moment he desired so badly didn’t happen… Just sweet… except for the fact that this pisses Danny off even more, of course… and I totally get this too! LOL Most of all when the genius tells him that the whole thing was an accident and then - while being scared like a baby - that he should let his fiancée to take care of him. Oh, Steven…

"Took you long enough," Cath said.
He blinked. "You're not Danny."

Definitely not XD Let me say that I’m not a fan of Cath, yet I liked how you wrote her in this chapter!

"I swear to God, you tell me it was an accident one more time and I will punch you."

Yeah, me too XD

"In fact, Danny, I think the real question isn't why I kissed you? I think the real question is why did you kiss me back?"

Yes, that’s exactly the question.

"You're like...a flame. Or a magnet, or something --I don't know. You're're there. Everywhere. You fill up the room wherever you are, and you're unavoidable, and you're almost too much."
Steve took a deep breath. "And then you leave," he said, and cleared his throat against the hoarseness there. "And everything's empty."
I’m melting… <3 And I love the fact that Danny needed to make things right with Gabby before feeling free to be with Steve. And then it’s all perfect, more than perfect actually… because you’re that good, like I already told you ;) Thanks so much for this story![3]
This was great. I loved Steve & Danny's slow grasp of the obvious. It was a nice mix of pining and oblivious from both guys. Thanks for sharing! <3[4]


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