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Title: Glimpses
Author(s): dawnchsr
Date(s): 06 February 2013 - 21 February 2013
Length: 66,406 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: Glimpses (AO3)

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Glimpses is a Steve/Danny story by dawnchsr.

Summary: Five-0 heads up the investigation into a serial shooter the media calls the “Honolulu Sniper.” A lunatic with a high powered rifle, the “Honolulu Sniper” takes aim at the highways and commuters, successfully eluding Five-0 with each attack. Meanwhile, Danny struggles to cope in the wake of his brother’s betrayal, doing his best to hide the wounds from his friends. He’s fooling no one, least of all McGarrett. With his brother on the run, the FBI staking out his apartment and an explosive case that nearly gets him and Kono killed, the last thing Danny wants is a complicated relationship with his boss. Steve, of course, doesn’t see it that way.

Author's notes:
First of all, special thank yous to powrhug and creed cascade, who read this in parts and encouraged me to keep going. And especially to HCat, who hangs in with me on everything I write. I dragged her into this fandom and she's been more than a very good friend. (She also is responsible for the stellar beta job on this too.)

This is actually the first Five-0 story I started and it was never supposed to become quite this epic. I started it before the last two episodes of first season aired. Then when they did, it blew everything out of the water character wise for me in regards to Danny. I shelved it, but came back to it, would shelve it again but finally decided to finish it. It's important to note, I wrote it the way I originally intended even after finding out that Jameson was in with Wo Fat and Danny was sleeping with Rachel. I also used some information from some deleted scenes that we got in the DVDs.

This is written to take place directly after Ep 18- Loa Aloha.

The story is listed at "Taka's McDanno Rec List" under "Angst".[1]

Recs and Reviews

words cannot convey the epicness of this fic. READ IT!!![1]
Just wanted to thank you for this incredible story! Case fics are the best, and I could see this as an actual episode--sadly without the sex. Your take on the characters was spot-on, especially Danny; too often he's relegated to being Steve's sidekick but here you can see the detective with the impressive record of solving cases. The relationship was the perfect mix of angst and intensity--just right for two such complex characters. Thank you again![2]
I just read this story for the first time and I just wanted to tell you how much I loved it. I was sad when it was over. I mean I would have liked to have heard Danny tell Steve finally that he loved him, but I'm sure it would have happened sooner rather than later. I like how we see Danny and Steve go through some tough moments, but always come out on the other side together and happy. I also liked that we had multiple 'bedroom' moments throughout the story. I hate when the story is really long and I have to wait all the way until the very end for the payoff, which sometimes is not satisfying, and then the story is just over. I always wonder what next and with your story we get that. Thank you for a wonderful story.[3]
I waited until the final chapter was posted to comment, but I wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed every word of this story. The shooter arc was very well done and (as others have commented) could stand alone as a great fic. The addition of Steve and Danny's journey makes this story even better. Danny is so broken and angry and Steve is so scared and lonely. The progression of their relationship is beautifully done and the ending is perfect. You are a wonderful writer and storyteller. Thanks for sharing this work.[4]
very excellent. i really like that this case was a serious problem with major repercussions that wasn't solved easily. it's kind of refreshing! also, it caused huge turmoil for everyone and i guess i'm into that today. :) the relationship between the entire team was gorgeous - i love love love kono being danny's bf and chin sticking his nose in just the right amount to make sure no one gets more hurt than they need to. i also loved steve and danny's progression. at first, i thought steve's hang-ups and concerns over a same-sex relationship would be the sticking point. i'm glad we worked through that to see it was, while not negligible, another way he was pushing steve away. great story![5]
I really want to commend you for this story. You have taken a wonderful case fic, and then wrapped it around a cautious Danny, a clueless and then emotionally constipated Steve, and added in the wonder of all-knowing Kono and Chin. This is truly a wonderful story that kept me up way too late at night to read, and sneaking out of work early to finish. Your situations, your character development - everything - just perfect![6]


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