Danny Baiting

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Title: Danny Baiting
Author(s): Creed
Date(s): 15 November 2011
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
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Danny Baiting is a Steve/Danny story by Creed.

Summary: Steve decides after an exhausting day at work that the best way to relax is Danny baiting.

Recs and Reviews

A lot of writers takes Danny's rants over the top in my opnion. He is a ranter, right from the beginning we knew that and when he does get going- usually all over Steve, it's usually hysterical. Subjects of apologizing for getting your partner shot and pineapple on pizza are just a couple of examples of Danny's buttons being pushed. And it's a fact that Steve will push him just to see the resulting fireworks. It's foreplay for these two. Creed has a fun look without taking it too far, keeping it believable with a few grins.[1]


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