Are We Real?

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Title: Are We Real?
Creator: wistful_fever (fabella)
Date: 20 December 2010
Format: digital vid
Length: 2:35 min
Music: "Are We Real?" by South Park Mexican
Genre: slash
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Footage: 1x01 - 1x12
URL: Are We Real? (LJ, download link) (YouTube, defunct)
Are We Real.png

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Are We Real? is a Steve/Danny Hawaii Five-0 vid by wistful_fever.

Summary: "I don't want to lose you, like I've lost so many." Steve/Danny, Steve, Danny.

Vidder's notes:
Hawaii-fricken-5-0. Sign me up. I have no control over what I vid anymore. I can only vid what... vids itself. [...]

This song has haunted me for years. I did attempt to vid it at one point, but it just didn't work. I have so many emotional ties to this song. It hits me very deep. Now I know why I couldn't vid it. I was waiting for this source. On so many levels, this show appeals to me. I feel like I was waiting for this Steve and this Danny. They were characters specifically written to my tastes. It's a beautiful thing.

The video is... all tangled up with my feelings about the song, and my feelings about the characters. There was something I always wanted to do with this song which I think I managed to incorporate, which was to gain some distance from the lyrics and at the same time intensify the gut feeling the song creates. Another important facet of this video was the world-building aspect. I really wanted a sense of the characters and their life. The island is the context in their relationship. Steve is the island, Danny is the survivor.[1]

Recs and Reviews

Why we love it: This video beautifully integrates the lyrics with the clips to create a new narrative featuring Steve/Danny. We love a well done shipping video. :)[2]
And finally, wistful_fever has made a Steve/Danny vid called Are We Real?, and I couldn't be happier. THAT'S RIGHT, KIDS. RUN, DON'T WALK. God, I was literally clutching my hands over my heart when I watched this this morning. Utterly, utterly amazing.[3]
Are We Real? by wistful_fever. Steve/Danny. Steve POV that makes my chest hurt in all the good ways. (Song: Are We Real? by South Park Mexican)[4]


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