DP Rarepair Week

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Name: DP Rarepair Week
Date(s): March 19–25, 2017
Moderator(s): n/a
Founder: punkhalfghosts, narwhalsarefalling and ectopusses
Type: fanworks: fanart and fanfiction
Fandom: Danny Phantom
Associated Community: https://dp-rarepair-week.tumblr.com/
URL: Tumblr tag, Tumblr tag, AO3 tag
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The DP Rarepair Week fanweek happened from March 19 to March 25 in 2017 on Tumblr which was started by punkhalfghosts, narwhalsarefalling and ectopusses to celebrate the rarepairs of the Danny Phantom fandom.

The challenge allowed pretty much any DP pairing that was not Danny/Sam or Valerie/Danny.[1]

Dates & Prompts

March 19: colors/grey
March 20: aliens/cryptids
March 21: first date/fist date
March 22: free day
March 23: food/forest
March 24: pens/books
March 25: blood/bruises


While most of the participants used fanart to showcase the rarepairs, there were a few fanfics as well.




  1. ^ have 2 questions. What qualifies as a rare pair? Is it any ship that isn't canon and/or popular in the fandom? Then second question: do we have to focus on one couple the whole week or can we alternate to different couples each day?