Gray Ghost Week

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Event: Gray Ghost Week
Participants: Fandom-wide; primarily Tumblr users
Date(s): 03 May to 09 May 2015

25 July to 31 July 2016

Type: Fanweek
Fandom: Danny Phantom
Gray Ghost Week 2015 Banner by ispacey[1].

Gray Ghost Week 2016 Banner by ritshouwu[2]
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Gray Ghost Week was a week-long event to for fanworkers who were fans of Danny/Valerie, otherwise known as Gray Ghost. It was hosted on Tumblr in 2015 as well as 2016. Participants also called it Grey Ghost Week.


Gray Ghost Week was created and hosted by Tumblr user ispacey, aka tell-them-yuno, who proposed the event, dates, and prompts. Although both of these blogs have since been deactivated or renamed, information for this week still is available.


The event was announced in April 2015 and ran from May 3rd, 2015 to the 9th.


The event was announced in June 2016 and ran from July 25th, 2016 to the 31st.


The Gray Ghost Week guidelines were as follows:


(Fanficictions,Fanart,Video, ect… is welcome!)

So the month of May is when the Grey Ghost week begins. Remember try not to post things before the date but feel free to post after if you are a little late. Also, it is okay to add other characters and things of that nature.

(BUT! Work must be yours!!)


Please tag your posts with #GrayGhostWeek16. Late entries are always appreciated


The Gray Ghost Week guidelines were as follows:


Day 1 : Spring Joy ~ Spring full of Happiness and Joy

Day 2 : Fantasy/Lore!AU

Day 3 : Role Reverse!AU (Danny the Ghost Hunter and Valerie the Ghost Girl)

Day 4 : College AU!

Day 5 : Crossover!AU (Any Fandom!)

Day 6 : Hunger Games!AU (All character are excepted but Danny/Valerie must be main focus.)

Day 7 : Dark vs. Light ~ What if Danny or Valerie was evil and the other good?


Monday: Date

Tuesday: Transgender

Wednesday: AU/Crossover

Thursday: King and Queen

Friday: Free Day

Saturday: Marriage/Children

Sunday: Happy End

Example Fanworks






  • Promo Art by eirian on tumblr
  • Date by eirian on tumblr
  • Date by ghostlypail on tumblr
  • Date by ritshowu on tumblr

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