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Name: Maxwell "Max" Evans
Zan (previous life)
Occupation: unknown, previously student and UFO center worker
Title/Rank: King of Antar (previous life)
Location: on the run, previously Roswell, New Mexico
Status: alive
Relationships: Darryl Morton (genetic template), Philip & Diane Evans (adopted human parents), Isabel Evans (sister), Ava (previous life's wife/ally), Zan (son with Tess), Liz Parker (girlfriend turned wife), Tess Harding (love interest/friend), Michael Guerin (best friend), Maria DeLuca (friend), Kyle Valenti (enemy turned friend), Jim Valenti (enemy turned friend), Kivar (enemy)
Fandom: Roswell
Other: Max Evans at Wikipedia
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Max Evans is a character in the Roswell series. In the television series he is portrayed by Jason Behr.


He is the leader of the pod squad. In his previous life he was Zan king of Antar. He is part of the royal four. He has crushed on Liz for years and when she was shot in the Crashdown he immediately saved her. In the second season he starts to become more controlling which pushed Liz and Isabel away and pulled Tess closer. After Liz rejected him in order for him to embrace his destiny he went to Tess for comfort and as a result he and Tess now have a son together named Zan. At the end of the series, Max marries Liz and leaves Roswell behind.

He shares the same powers as the other alien-human hybrids, however he has the unique ability to heal.


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