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Name: Michael Guerin
Occupation: unknown previously student, Cook at the Crashdown, and a security guard
Relationships: Charles Dupree (genetic template), Laurie Dupree (genetic granddaughter),
Hank Whitmore (foster father),
Max Evans (best friend), Isabel Evans (best friend), Maria DeLuca (girlfriend), Alex Whitman (friend/ally), Liz Parker (friend/ally), Kyle Valenti (friend/ally), Courtney (ally), Tess Harding (ally turned enemy)
Fandom: Roswell
Other: Michael Guerin at Wikipedia
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Michael Guerin is one of the main characters in the Roswell fandom. In the television series he is portrayed by Brendan Fehr.


Michael an alien/human hybrid that is part of the Royal Four of Antar, and the clone of the former alien Rath - Van's second-in-command and Vilandra's husband. After Max, Michael and Isabel emerged from the pods, Michael got separated from Max and Isabel and as a result grew up in a toxic foster home. With the help of the Evans and Liz Parker's father, Jeff, he gets emancipated and lives on his own by the second season. He and Maria have an on-again/off-again relationship throughout the series and he cares for her deeply although he does not show it often.

Due to his previous life as Van's second-in-command, he's often considered the "protector" of the group - less likely to trust people and often protecting the others.

Michael has the same molecular manipulation and telekinetic skills as the rest of the hybrids, but as stated in the first season he has less control of them than Max and Isabel (and later Tess). He tends to make things explode when he loses control or gets angry - even shown firing energy blasts from his hands. By the second season he has more control. His unique power was never shown on the series.


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Common Tropes & Fanon

  • Michael's "Protector"/"Second-in-Command" role is often amplified.
  • New Royal Four fics showcase Michael as the "King" with usually Liz Parker as his partner/mate[1], with Isabel Evans, Kyle Valenti and/or Ava making up the others.
    • This is in part inspired by Courtney's belief that Rath/Michael should lead them and not Max/Van.



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  1. ^ I'm more familiar with Polar works, so I'm not sure if the same can be said of Candy works if Liz would just be apart of the Royal Four