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Name: Isabel Amanda Evans
Vilandra (previous life)
Occupation: previously student
Title/Rank: Princess of Antar (previous life)
Location: on the run, previously Roswell, New Mexico
Status: alive
Relationships: Christine Morton (genetic template), Philip & Diane Evans (adopted human parents), Max Evans (brother), Zan (nephew), Jesse Ramirez (husband), Liz Parker (sister-in-law), Michael Guerin (best friend), Tess Harding (friend), Alex Whitman (friend/love interest), Kyle Valenti (friend), Maria DeLuca (friend), Jim Valenti (friend), Kivar (enemy/love interest)
Fandom: Roswell
Other: Isabel Evans at Wikipedia
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Isabel Evans is a character in the Roswell series. In the television series she is portrayed by Katherine Heigl.


Isabel Evans is an alien-human hybrid like her brother Max Evans, Michael Guerin and Tess Harding. She becomes romantically involved with Alex Whitman during the first season. In season 2, Isabel was devastated by Alex's death, but moved on to marry Jesse Ramirez in Season 3. At the end of the series, Isabel and the others are forced to flee from the government, just as Jesse is offered a job but he tries to go with her anyway. Isabel refuses, giving him the chance to have a normal life.

In the first season, Isabel is shown to be popular at Roswell High and has a few "friends" outside Michael and Max, however due to her "Ice Queen" personality, she kept them at a distance until Liz, Maria and Alex joined the Pod Squad. Out of the three, Isabel most wants to be seen as "normal".

She shares the same powers as the other alien-human hybrids, however she has the unique ability to dream walk (holding an image of someone means she could walk inside their dreams).


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Fanfiction focused on Isabel or feature her is less common compared to the other characters of Roswell[1], although as a main character and part of the pod squad Isabel often appears as a secondary character in fanworks. As suggested by "A History of Roswell Fanfic" meta this might be due to fact that Isabel became less liked during Season 3 in Dreamer fanworks possibly due to the increased screentime Katie Heigl had in the season and possibly due to her dating Jason Behr at time[2]. Although this hostility seems to have died down with the increase of Gazer presence on Roswell Fanatics.



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  1. While not completely accurate way to show popularity to use withFFN stats due to the character option only came about mid-to-late 00s. FFN's and AO3's Isabel tag rates lower than that of Liz, Michael, Maria, and Max, and just barely above Tess. As of March 27, 2017 Isabel has 103 works tagged at AO3 compared to FFN's 81 works.
  2. Kath7 "A History of Roswell Fanfic":
    "Anyway, because Isabel became generally less liked as the series progressed, this, of course, reared its head in fanfic, where representations of the character were less positive. This seems to have settled down now though, particularly thanks to the strong Gazer contingent now on our board... There are certainly portrayals where their negative characteristics are highlighted, over their positive. When Katie and Jason were dating, I think this proved to be the case with the character of Isabel in some fanfic."