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Name: Alexander "Alex" Charles Whitman
Occupation: formerly a student at Roswell High and bass player for The Whits
Status: deceased
Relationships: Mr. Whitman and Gloria Whitman (parents)
Isabel Evans (love interest)
Liz Parker (best friend), Maria DeLuca (best friend), Max Evans (friend), Kyle Valenti (friend), Tess Harding (friend turned enemy)
Fandom: Roswell
Other: Roswell Wiki
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Alex Whitman is a character in the Roswell series. In the television series he is portrayed by Colin Hanks. In the Roswell High books, she is called Alex Manes - while the TV series was based on the books, many events were changed and thus it's considered an alternate universe.


Alex has been best friends with Liz Parker and Maria DeLuca since the 5th grade. Alex had a crush on Isabel Evans although she did not start to reciprocate his feelings till prom. Alex was kept out in the dark on the aliens secret until he and Liz are arrested before she tells him the truth.

In an episode of Season 2, Alex appeared to have committed suicide to the authorities. His death takes a huge toll on the Pod Squad - Isabel believing it to be her fault, Liz knowing her best friend wouldn't commit suicide, Max failed in healing him. Liz's belief that it was alien related caused tensions throughout the squad. Liz and Maria started to investigate his death and the truth behind it. Alex's Switzerland trip was a lie. It turned out to be a mindwarp created by Tess Harding in order for Alex to create a computer program capable of translating a book in Antar's native language; which in turn translate how to work the Granolith so the alien hybrids could return to Antar. Due to large amount of mindwarps Tess did to his brain, Alex has started to lose his mind and he realizes the truth and goes to accuse her for it. The altercation causes Tess to end up killing him. Tess mindwarps Kyle Valenti into helping her deal with Alex's body. With the help of Liz and Maria, Kyle remembers what happens and exposes the truth to the other alien hybrids before they could leave on the Granolith.

Alex appears in the third season as Isabel's conscience in order to help her move on to Jesse.


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Alex's death takes its toll on Roswell fans, leading many fans angry and unhappy with it due to Alex being a well liked character. It also vindicated Tess Harding haters.

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  • Fix-it fics for Alex's death is hugely popular since it happened on the show - denialfic often making it so Alex never died in the first place.


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